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2017-10-11 | Hexaview Technologies |    79

1) Riskalyze Retirement Solutions reach the 401(k) and equip advisors to serve plans

Riskalyze has introduced Riskalyze Retirement Solutions, a digital 401(k) services created in collaboration with Vestwel, a RIA. It allows generation of retirement proposals, onboard the clients and asset allocation according the partners already defined risk tolerance or risk number. It is an end to end digital retirement solution. The solution's compliance value would be taken care by Vestwel as it would provide implementing and servicing retirement plans. Read More

2) Junxure Cloud® version 4.0 launched at Junxure Advisor Conference 2017

unxure has announced enhancements to its cloud-based CRM platform, Junxure Cloud® version 4.0 at the Junxure Advisor Conference 2017 in Las Vegas. It features user experience enhancements with New Navigation, Customizable Record Quick Links and new suite of reports. Junxure new Cloud version is streamlined and efficient. Read More

3) Redtail launches Speak - a texting application for Advisors

Redtail Technology offers a compliant way to communicate with staff via chat and clients via text by offering Speak. Speak is a real-time text messaging application. The application is FINRA rules compliant and records all the conversations. Conversations can be searched and archived. Speak is integrated with Riskalyze (Risk Numbers). Redtail Speak is based on an award-winning project from Fuse 2015 and it can be customized. Read More

4) RetireUp and RepPro partnerships has built RetireUpPro

RetireUp, retirement planning software for financial advisors and RepPro an automated form and application filing platform today announce their partnership and the launch of RetireUpPro. RetireUpPro is a real-time modelling software. The platform illustrates a client's most critical income risks - building a personalized income plan. Also, automate the administrative tasks and minimizes errors. RetireUpPro has originated in response to Department of Labor's fiduciary rule. Read More


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