Simplify your work life by integrating various operating tools and

Let the data flow seamlessly.

We help you avoid redundant tasks by plugging the technology gaps between the numerous software you use, thereby enhancing your efficiency and making business operations harmonic. Our experience and capabilities allow us to build integration channels which can work both offline and real time.

So, let us massage, process data and introduce compatibility between various systems, giving you ample time to do what you do best – advise your clients.

Supporting Advisor Life Cycle


Our Implementations

Automated PMS mapper
  • Created Polestar – tool which acts as an adaptor between the Custodial data and PMS
  • Transforms and imports data from Fidelity to Advent’s APX
Advisor Desktop Platform
  • Enterprise grade platform dealing with millions of records daily
  • Built-in financial analytical tools like Monte Carlo engine for cash flow analysis
  • Workflow engine to create variety of proposals – Asset allocation, Goal planning, etc.
Configurable Trade Converter
  • Data feed of Bloomberg positions into AXYS
  • Hundreds of configurable rules with ability to change at run-time
  • Cloud based web application