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General Published on: Fri Mar 31 2023

Power Platform and its Capabilities as a Solution

Power Platform is a collection of tools that can be used to address various business needs. Power Platform can be considered as a low code platform, which means that business users don't need to have a deep understanding of code to use the applications. This blog discusses how to use Power Platform tools to improve day-to-day business activities, making them more accurate, focused, and efficient. The Power Platform consists of tools like –  

Power BI – 

It is a business analytics tool designed in a very user-friendly and interactive way for fast and accurate visualization of your business data. It has over 250+ connectors available which gives you enough flexibility to choose desired data source and then make use of Power BI’s Power Query window to transform and manipulate your data according to your business requirements. From a security point of view, Power BI has Power BI service as its report server which helps you share and use reports on the go. A collection of dynamic and interactive charts with the flexibility to apply business rules on our data set with the use of Row-level security make it a dependable and smart solution for business insights need.  


Power Apps –

 Power apps is a low-code to no-code app development platform which facilitates you with all the functionalities required to overcome your business growth challenges. 

 Let's make use of an example to better understand the application of Power Apps. 

 A boat manufacturing firm has various stages of inspection before it finally pushes the boat into production. For these inspections to carry out successfully, we would need the manual intervention of employees and a lot of communication would be happening between teams. To track the status and result of each inspection, it is better to have a standard solution in place than communication on different channels which could eventually lead to data loss and inaccuracy. Power Apps provides an especially useful yet simple to-create application that takes care of it. It uses a list of inspections which has been performed on a particular boat and tracks its status of it. It can take care of updating the status of each inspection from within the app itself and also track the number of days it takes for one inspection to change from Failed to Passed. In addition to it, generating a PDF out of the same application which can be shared within teams for better understanding is also possible. Power apps have additional functionalities of providing alerts based on KPIs using Power Automate and integrating Power BI reports within apps to give high-quality insights and interaction to its end users, thus providing a great solution for your complex business requirements.  


Power Automate –


 It is a low-code/no-code automation tool that enables users to create automated workflows between different applications and services to streamline business processes. Power Automate helps to automate repetitive tasks and eliminate manual data entry, thereby increasing efficiency and productivity. It integrates with a wide range of apps and services such as SharePoint, Dynamics 365, OneDrive, and many more. Power Automate when used together with other Power tools serves as a bridge to accomplish complex business needs.  

 Let's consider the same Boat manufacturer and understand the entire business solution which can be provided using Power Platform.  

Initially, the manufacturer must ensure that the inspection team at each inspection site is provided with a Form that they can utilize to fill their response. Power Automate will take these form responses and store all of them together in a structured way and in our preferred directory, thus making the collection of data points easy and error-free.  The collected data will serve as a data source for other tools like Power Apps and Power BI. Power Apps will utilize the Data source to perform actions on it and provide each team member a platform to see and update the status of each inspection and write it back to its data source, thus keeping track of changed status, changed date and the user that made these changes.

 Once we have the data source in place, we can utilize Power BI to create an interactive dashboard that will provide critical insights like, which department had how many failures and how much time it took each department to finish re-work on the failed inspection along with other insights.

  Using Power Platform tools together will not only make it easier for us to create a solution but will also save us time spent on troubleshooting, as these tools are intelligent and easy to use. 

Shreyansh Dubey

Sr. Application Engineer

Shreyansh works closely with Power Platform tools on a day-to-day basis to analyze, manipulate, and model data from various sources into interactive reports and smart automation. He also likes to spend his time learning other data automation processes, techniques, and tools with a motive to automate tasks that involves redundant manual efforts.