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case studies

GeneralPublished on: Fri Feb 10 2023

Developed a unified web application to access all the required information in a single place

Business Scenario

Our client had to put days of effort into collecting department-wise information, and all this information was scattered. As a result, they could not analyze their footprints. The client wanted a web-based application with a dashboard to see the department wise data methodologically.

Client’s Challenges & Requirements

·        The client had to manually collect all the information related to the number of consultants, amount of tax, fund administration, expenses, headcount by departments, etc.

·        They needed a standard platform, i.e., a central repository to store all the information from various departments to retrieve the required information quickly.


Hexaview’s Solution

We developed a web application for achieving the client’s goal— a dashboard with department wise sections for getting all the information in an organized manner. A user from the department can log in to the application and enter the data on a daily basis. The associated manager can then see the information on the dashboard; if they required a detailed view, they could see it on the departments’ respective pages.

Our solution with self-service capabilities helped our clients with the complexities and challenges they were facing.

Impact of the implementation

·        Reduction in overall turnaround time.

·        The client can access all the data in a single place. They can track all the information as per the departments from a single platform like the current headcount by departments, who have entered the details, Years wise gross revenues, etc.

·        This freed up a considerable amount of time for more relevant and productive work.

·        It led to quicker and error-free processing of gathering department-wise information.

Key Success Factors

·        Our experience in developing a dashboard in other projects made the implementation quick.

·        We are flexible to incorporate changes /functionalities demanded by the client.

·        We adopted the Agile methodology and provided full Customer Support.