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case studies

GeneralPublished on: Fri Feb 10 2023

Developed an end-to-end web application to manage client portfolios, various accounts, and investments

Business Scenario

One of our US-based clients wanted an online platform to manage their client portfolios, track prospects, generate presentations, and select investment products to meet clients’ investment requirements.

Business Challenges

·        Building various analyses such as MVO, Financial Forecast, Monte Carlo simulation which requires deep domain expertise. 

·        Fluid requirements and ability to evolve the system as the product development progresses. 

·        Knowing data insights with data visualization and enhancing the user interface.

Hexaview Solution

With our technological expertise, we were able to deliver an end to end functional web application within the said timelines. The application has the following features and functionalities:

·        The UI Design of the web application gives clear cut view and a vivid user experience. 

·        It lets advisors manage their client’s portfolios, various accounts, and investments. 

·        It allows our users to gain useful insights into their data through visualizations of the underlying data on the dashboard. 

·        Using Agile Software Development methodology, helped the team to incorporate user feedback in a timely manner.

Impact of the Implementation

·        The application is more user-friendly and secure with the implementation of multi-factor authentication. 

·        The client is more comfortable as the application is made with open source, also the presentation is more attractive. 

·        Rolling out new versions and upgrades have become easier.

Key Success Factors

·        Understanding wealth management application and study of the industry standard for Investment analysis. 

·        We are flexible to incorporate changes /functionalities suggested by the client. 

·        The coherence of the Hexaview team with a client team could be achieved by 100% transparency and stakeholder engagement from the client’s side.