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case studies

GeneralPublished on: Fri May 05 2023

Built Interactive Reports & Dashboard and improved data visualization

About the Company

Our client is a Bermuda-based global financial services provider. The company was founded in 2003 and provides asset managers, capital markets, corporations, and family offices with a wide range of services across the whole value chain. Through establishing the broadest range of services in the sector, such as fund services, digital onboarding and bank accounts, depositary, custody, and super ManCo services, business services such as HR and payroll, and a trailblazing ESG Ratings and Advisory service for private companies, the Group has steadily improved and evolved its capabilities to provide a single-source solution. The company offers customized services for each customer at a Group level and through its specialized subsidiary brands.

Business Goals

Our client's goal is to promote positive change in the financial services sector, including improvements in the environment, society, and good governance ("ESG"), to support an industry that is more resilient, inclusive, and responsible in the future. The mission is to continually improve by paying attention to the customers, upholding their beliefs, expanding their product line, prioritizing their employees, and sharing in business success by rewarding top performers with an entrepreneurial attitude. The vision is to become a B2P brand motivated by people and products and to offer a single-source solution that meets the highest quality requirements, is reasonably priced, and is delivered by a group of exceptional individuals who adhere to their values.


The Client faced multiple errors and wanted to automate specific business flows to improve accuracy. Further, due to inaccurate data from various verticals, the Client wanted to update their existing business tracker process by embedding Power BI as a reporting tool in the scheme of things. Moreover, Reports & Dashboards were required to be built to improve key business insights.


Hexaview Technologies and our Client have been in business contact for a long time. Both organizations share a strong bond of trust. The performance of our client grew once Hexaview's solutions were deployed, making it clear how much effort we put into finding a solution. The Client was experiencing multiple errors and wanted to update their business tracker process.

Hexaview considered all the Client's challenges, and the Solution provided varied from report creations to key input shared. The challenge of using Power BI was resolved extensively by creating Reports & Dashboards as per the requirements received and providing insights into client profitability and desired actions to be taken.

We automated all the manual business steps, reducing human errors in business tracking and improving data retrieval and accuracy. Thus, we optimized and improved the accuracy of the existing business tracker process.

Key Benefits

· Improved Data Accuracy

· Increased Data Visualization

· Faster Data Retrieval

· Built interactive Reports &

· Dashboards

· Business Flow Automation

· Improved performance of existing business tracker

Key Results

Our Solution resolved all the human errors prevailing in the existing business tracker of the Client and ensured faster data retrieval and an overall increase in process performance. Automation improved accuracy and ensured better data visualization for every vertical in the business tracker.