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Your Data Security,

Our First Priority

Technical Policy

Password Manager

Our operational suite uses a dedicated password manager to store and manage online credentials. These details are stored in an encrypted database backed by a master password.

Mandatory Anti-virus

To keep your virtual assets tightly secured, we lay a state of the art anti-virus module across all system resources.

Sensitive Data Encryption

This ensures your sensitive data cannot be accessed by database administrators, cloud administrators, or any non-authorized user.

Third-Party Penetration Test

We include third-party pen testing to shut the window on any possibility of malicious activity or any unauthorized access.

IT Equipment Security Policy

IT equipment policy covers computers and related tools (PC, laptop, etc.) along with communication tools (telephone, fax, etc.)

Network Security Policy

Lays the rules for computer network access. Prescribes the most up-to-date anti-virus software on all computers directly connected to the internal network or via VPN.

Secure VPN for WFH

Remote systems connect to Hexaview's VPN to become an extension of our data network and subject to the same network guidelines extended to any other host on the web.

Multi-Factor Authentication

For security enhancement, we use MFA for network access to all privileged and non-privileged accounts, including network users and administrators.

Software Installation Policy

Policies regarding software cover licensed software that is used and selected from an approved software list.

Internet Usage Policy

Outlines principles for internet use. Usage monitoring is carried out through United Threat Management (UTM).

Wireless Access Policy

Covers all wireless data communication devices (i.e., personal computers, cellular phones, PDAs, etc.) connected to the company's wireless network.

Compliance Policy

  • An internal audit conducted every quarter by Security Auditor

  • External Audit and Review of Policies conducted by ex- BCG Consultant

  • Members are barred from trading in US securities to avoid any conflict of interest

  • While working on assignments, team members must

    • Sign project-specific NDA
    • Receive monitored access specific to participating members
    • Receive access to cloud-based secured project management tools
    • Keep customers' identities confidential in all internal and external communication
    • Adhere to other specific security guidelines, as indicated by the customer

Employement Policy

Background Verification

A comprehensive check includes corroboration of education, employment record, and criminal record before bringing an employee on board.

Registered Employees

Employees are registered under Nasscom NSR (National Skills Registry).

Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)

The members sign a comprehensive NDA and allegiance to the Security Policy at the time of joining.

Contributing members sign a project-specific NDA.

Privacy Policy

Hexaview follows global regulations and industry practices to maintain its customer’s data privacy and security. Our website privacy policy is to inform you about our practices in connection with the collection, use and disclosure of the personal data you make available to us. Furthermore, our Policy describes the type of data that may be collected by our use of cookies and other technologies across our Website.

GDPR Regulation: To strengthen an individual’s rights to privacy, the European Union brought about the General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR , supporting existing directives on data protection. We extend these capabilities not only to customers in the EU but to all our customers worldwide