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General Published on: Fri Feb 10 2023

Exploring different types of Salesforce Clouds

Salesforce is a customer relationship management (CRM) tool that provides various software services to help create business solutions. Those who are new to Salesforce may think that it’s a single product that comes in form of a CRM tool. But wait! in reality, Salesforce is much more than that, it provides a variety of tools that helps people in building their businesses. Whether the business is related to sales, marketing, or providing services, Salesforce has got you covered. This multi-dimensional universe of Salesforce is commonly referred to as the ‘Salesforce Clouds’. Now let’s get into the details of some of the universe of Salesforce.

The first universe which we are going to explore is the ‘Sales Cloud’.

1) Sales Cloud

Salesforce Sales Cloud has been tailor-made for the ‘sales’ businesses, it supports you in the entire sales process from start to finish. This Cloud will help you to generate higher revenue by enabling you to efficiently connect with your customers and focus on user experience. It helps you in improving productivity by eliminating the administrative tasks and replacing them with automation which gives nitro-boost to your business process.

The users will be able to effectively manage client relationships, pipeline as well as forecasting. The Sales Cloud also allows you to record information about your team’s activities such as Tasks (to-do lists) and Events(meetings) and allows collaboration through Chatter, a professional collaboration tool that boosts teamwork. You can simply connect with a Salesforce development company like Hexaview Technologies to develop a custom Salesforce solution as per your needs and requirement.

Now let’s land at our next destination which is the ‘Marketing Cloud’

2) Marketing Cloud

Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a mighty, dynamic, digital marketing platform that consists of a ton of tools to engage your customers and personalize their user experience. It comes up with an amazing marketing automation tool that can manage all of your marketing activities on various devices. You are provided with the functionality to automate direct communication with your prospects by sending timely personalized content at strategic places. This can be done via email, mobile or social media.

The Marketing Cloud is a B2C digital marketing platform, which helps in engaging your subscribers to your marketing collateral more effectively. So, if you belong to a Marketing team that is focusing on what your demographic is engaging with or what they enjoy the most about your product, and efficiently utilizing that information for further marketing strategies, then Salesforce Marketing Cloud is the one-stop destination for you. 

So, here we come at our final destination which is the ‘Service Cloud’

 3) Service Cloud

Salesforce Service Cloud is handcrafted to help your teams in supporting your customers on their journey after they have obtained a service from you. It comes up with functionalities that assist you in helping and engaging with your customers in many ways.

Omni-Channel allows you to redirect your customer’s inquiries to the right team, with the right knowledge at the right time. Once it’s done, so now onwards your customer’s request will directly go to the right support team without any other human interaction. This creates a much smoother experience for the customer. In short, you want to keep your customers happy, and the Salesforce Service Cloud allows you to do exactly what you want!


In this blog, you learned about various Salesforce Clouds with each of them serving specific business needs. While all these Salesforce Clouds components work in conjunction to provide a more extensive set of features that ensure maximum productivity, it is essential to understand the features and functionalities of all the above Salesforce Clouds before selecting one.  

If your firm is looking for Salesforce custom application development services, you can reach out to us. Hexaview Technologies is a leading Salesforce development company that has been providing customized Salesforce solutions to clients across the globe. Outsourcing Salesforce development to Hexaview Technologies ensures that you receive excellent quality of Salesforce services.