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Social Impact

Fostering healthy relationships with the environment and society

We Understand The Responsibility To Flourish Our Society

At Hexaview, we believe that the more we give back to the community, the more it helps us grow. And that’s why we set goals to support environmental sustainability, diversity and inclusion, and social impact. HVTians work as a team to lead and participate in different initiatives that address critical social and environmental issues.

Objective: We aim to contribute to the development of underprivileged people actively. We believe in bettering local communities’ lives and supporting their sustainability, cleanliness drives, waste management, and green initiatives.

Our CSR Activities

Our Corporate Volunteering Policy

The purpose of the Volunteering Policy is to outline the opportunities & procedures for HVTians (Hexaview Employees) to engage social and community welfare activities.

Give Heartful And Take Handful

Clothes and blankets are some of the necessities the homeless people need to help them survive during the winter blues. Our CSR team took the initiative and helped the homeless people with a Clothes & Blanket Donation Drive.

Encouraging Sports At Sai Kripa

On the occasion of Children’s Day, we took gave the kids of Sai Kripa Orphanage hope for everyday happiness and nourishment to their good mental and physical health by arranging a Badminton court.

Spreading Smiles Ensuring Safety

With Monsoon season around the corner, the risk of Water-borne diseases increases. To promote awareness and safety, we ran a campaign “Hygiene for Kids” and distributed a kit comprising of essential items.

Safe Drinking Water For All

Contaminated drinking water is a source of various diseases. Therefore, to make clean drinking water available to all, we installed a Reverse Osmosis (RO) based Water Cooler outside Hexaview’s Parking Zone’s exit gate.

Women Sanitation and Hygiene

To promote healthy and safe menstruation, we organized an activity educating the under-privileged girls in the rural areas about the proper usage and disposal of sanitary pads. Also, we provided the semi- standards pads to them enabling them to adopt hygienic practices.