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Women Welfare Network

HERoes@Hexaview is a networking group of our female employees. We empower our HERoes to connect & contribute, enabling us to grow as individuals and collectively build a more substantial community.


      To provide our female workers a culture where all women are supported and empowered to reach their fullest potential.

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      We continue to focus on the health needs of the women workforce through our digital healthcare, especially for mental health and lifestyle management, to increase employee satisfaction and performance. Continuous feedback is collected from Women@Hexaview for regularly revising the strategies and corporate policies specific to women’s wellness.


      Group counseling workshops & meetups are conducted to educate people about nutrition & hygiene. The program aims to improve women’s wellness and achieve their target health goals like improving sleep, better diet, weight management, and more.

      Supported by Corporate Policy

      To empower and enable women to care for their physical and emotional health, we ensure their continued participation in the framing of corporate policies. This includes the 'New Parent Benefit Policy' that offers financial benefits for new parents to help meet the needs of their new family and infant.

      Align with Business Objectives

      Our Women Welfare Network is well aligned with the business objectives. It is heartening to see Hexaview proactively involved in curating unique and inclusive wellness programs to keep its female employees motivated during the pandemic. With our Women's network, we continued to reap abundant rewards in terms of productivity and employee retention.


      Abhishek Talwar

      Cofounder & CEO | Chief Diversity Officer

      Abhishek Talwar: As the Chief Diversity Officer Abhishek leads all the internal and external DEI initiatives. This includes fostering an inclusive workplace, and defining actionable efforts that illustrate a strong commitment to serve diverse communities, and evolve programs that drive equity and inclusion at senior levels of leadership for people of color.

      Bhagyashri Jha

      Associate Director-Data | Co-Chairperson - Employee Welfare Group

      As the Co-Chairperson for the Employee Welfare Groups, Bhagyashree primarily presides over the committee meetings, maintains regular communication with the Committee Chair, ensures a safe & healthy culture in the workplace, and is actively involved in the discussions and decisions of the committee.

      Sarabjeet Kaur

      Sr. Executive - Human Resources

      Sarabjeet adheres to the responsibility to lead our Welfare Groups, manage daily operations, and be the PoC for all the employees regarding their grievances and suggestions. Sarabjeet manages the policies created for the HVTians and takes care of the existing regulations for employee welfare.