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Data Lake Services

Utilize our AI-enabled Smart Data Lake services to effectively organize and manage your data, ensuring it aligns seamlessly with your business objectives. Our customized approach ensures your data lake is structured to maximize efficiency and optimize insights, empowering informed decision-making across your organization.
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      Data Lake

      Al-enabled smart Data lakes serve as centralized repositories, effortlessly preserving data in its original format while offering scalability and adaptability. They accommodate structured data from databases and spreadsheets, semi-structured data like XML files and webpages, and unstructured data such as images and tweets, maintaining data integrity throughout. The tailored storage approach enables users to fully leverage their data's potential, irrespective of its type or format.

      Understanding the varied requirements of different user groups, data lakes ensure seamless integration and preservation of data in its native form. From structured data sourced from database tables and Excel sheets to semi-structured data like XML files and webpages, and even unstructured data such as images and tweets, the integrity of data remains uncompromised.

      Benefits of Cloud Data Lake Solutions

      Enhance Data Agility

      Enable quick responses to changing data requirements, facilitating more flexible data handling and insights, ensuring adaptability to evolving scenarios while fostering responsiveness and efficiency in data management processes. Embrace agility for sustained innovation and competitive advantage.

      Scalable Storage Solutions

      Manage large data volumes seamlessly with Scalable Storage Solutions, adapting to evolving business requirements by scaling up or down effortlessly. Ensure smooth data management regardless of size, fostering agility and adaptability in response to changing needs.

      Advanced Analytics Readiness

      Equip your business with Advanced Analytics with robust infrastructure supporting cutting-edge techniques, including machine learning and predictive modeling. Empower your operations with the tools required to delve into insightful analytics, driving informed decisions and competitive advantage.

      Cost-Effective Data Management

      Optimize operational efficiency and costs with Cost-Effective Data Management. Implement a streamlined approach to data storage, ensuring both affordability and effectiveness. Streamline storage strategies to maximize resource utilization and minimize expenses, enabling businesses to achieve their data management goals while remaining financially prudent.

      Drowning in Data, But Starving for Insights?

      From Chaos to clarity: Dive into our data lake solutions to surface with actionable insights and a clearer strategic vision.


      Overwhelmed by Unstructured Data Chaos?

      Organize and utilize the untapped potential of your diverse data. Our AI-enabled smart data lake services seamlessly process and store everything, turning chaos into valuable insights. Unlock the potential of your diverse data with our seamless data lake services. We efficiently process and store texts, tweets, and more, converting disorder into valuable insights for informed decision-making and strategic leverage.

      Struggling with Inflexible Data Analysis?

      Break free from the limitations of traditional data handling. Escape the constraints of traditional data management with our AI-enabled smart data lakes. Enjoy the flexibility to analyze diverse data types in their native formats, fostering innovation and insightful analytics. Embrace a new era of data handling for enhanced decision-making capabilities.

      Facing Data Accessibility Roadblocks?

      Ensure smooth access to your vast data resources. Our AI-enabled smart data lake solutions provide a centralized, scalable platform, making data retrieval straightforward and efficient for varied business needs. Guarantee seamless access to your extensive data resources. Streamline access to data for enhanced efficiency and effectiveness in decision-making processes.

      Our Dynamic Service Spectrum

      Our services spectrum includes Pre-existing data models designed to save time and cost, Custom workflows, Investment models supporting Low code & No code, an AI-enabled Smart Data Lake Platform with Existing cloud plugin features, and much more.


      Understand your data storage needs

      FeaturesData LakeData WarehouseHybrid
      Cost-Effective Scalability for Large Data Volumes
      Structured Data Optimization
      Unstructured Data Storage
      Real-Time Data Processing
      Advanced Analytics and Machine Learning
      Highly Structured and Governed Data Environment

      Frequently Asked Questions - Video Library

      Below are some Video FAQs - The queries we get from some clients as they begin planning their upgrade and transformation leveraging data.

      Why choose Hexaview?

      At Hexaview, we empower businesses through transformative solutions fueled by innovative technology and an unwavering commitment to excellence. Hexaview is a pioneering leader in streamlining multi-year projects into a matter of just few months, offering pre-built, AI-enabled scalable components to significantly reduce the time and costs associated with data lake and data warehouse implementation. With Hexaview, you can achieve your data lake objectives efficiently and affordably, mitigating the risks and complexities typically associated with such endeavors, and ensuring a smooth and cost-effective implementation process.

      What our clients say

      “Hexaview played a pivotal role in constructing a state-of-the-art data lake on AWS for our organization. They were a strong partner throughout the entire process, demonstrating a high level of expertise and dedication.

      The knowledgeable team provided by Hexaview were instrumental in ensuring the success of our project. Their team exhibited a deep understanding of AWS infrastructure and data management, consistently offering valuable insights and solutions. From the planning stages to the implementation and ongoing support, Hexaview's staff was responsive, proactive, and committed to delivering results.

      The data lake built by Hexaview Technologies has significantly enhanced our organization's ability to manage data for both our internal users, through microservice and data transformation tools, and external clients, through integration with our portal and data service tools.”

      Jonathan Vickery

      CTO , Paralel Technologies