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We work with major international brands and help them to provide seamless user interfaces on all contemporary platforms and gadgets with our testing services.
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      Software Testing & Quality Assurance Service

      Hexaview has been offering end-to-end software testing services for more than 14 years. We are a software development and quality assurance company with expertise in both manual and automation testing. Hexaview provides both offshore software testing services and nearshore software testing services to meet its clients’ QA needs. Our quality assurance staff members are highly skilled and experienced, and they are well-versed in QA & Software testing. The knowledge of our software testing experts at Hexaview ensures that your next-generation apps are bug-free.

      We have a group of qualified testing professionals, and we are proud that globally reputed brands trust our offshore software testing services. Being a top software testing services company, Hexaview always tries to deliver the best bug free software solutions.

      Adobe and Hexaview Collaboration for
      Globalization Testing of Adobe's Creative Cloud

      Adobe, a well-known name in the software industry was seeking better resource management and quality testing of their product without any delay. While scouting for a perfect partner who could take care of their needs under tight deadlines, Adobe found Hexaview to be the perfect match to take ownership to test the globalized Creative cloud products in Locales available worldwide.

      Hexaview provided the workforce to Adobe, with both Manual and Automation testing support. Hexaview has been offering globalization testing to the IT giant Adobe so that the creative cloud products should be compatible with the different locales available worldwide.

      Apart from the globalization testing services, we also performed manual testing of Adobe’s Acrobat legacy features across multiple platforms and provided services as extended support.

      Our Testing Services

      Automation Testing

      QA automation testing may help businesses become more productive and provide better products. It provides excellent test coverage and lessens tedious manual testing. Hexaview's skilled QA staff guarantees that your products behave consistently across different versions. With a wealth of experience and in-depth industry knowledge and managed QA services we can identify your unique needs and provide you with  specialized automation solutions that exactly match the demands of your project.

      • Automation

      • Manual

      • Performance

      • Functional

      • Mobile

      • API

      Globalization Testing

      Software, websites, and applications are all assumed to be reliable by users as being user-friendly and bug-free. Our globalization testing services combine speed, scalability, and specialized technical skills to ensure that you live up to those requirements on a global scale. By doing globalization testing, a product is ensured to function identically in all major world languages. This kind of testing guarantees that your multinational product can be accurately translated into whatever language you select, establishing your place in the global market.

      Dedicated QA Team

      Hexaview offers testing and quality assurance experts that conduct testing for lengthy projects and are focused on accomplishing the client's objectives. In our managed QA services, the customer makes autonomous decisions regarding the composition of the team, the number of specialists, and their timetable. Our offshore testing services have been availed by global business leaders. 

      Hexaview provides next-generation application with independent quality engineering, and comprehensive range of software testing services.

      Software Testing Flow we Use

      Tech Stack, which we use for testing