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Taking Wealth Management to New Heights

Hexaview delivers intelligent automated solutions to empower financial advisors in providing significant data insights & a more personalized, cost-effective experience to their clients.
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      Challenges Related to Wealth Management

      For more than 14 years, Hexaview has served the technology needs of the wealth management industry, empowering our clients to keep track of their wealth and take the right investment decisions.

      The changing environment, demographics, technology, and social behaviors have set the ground for rapid digital transformation in the wealth management industry. To differentiate yourself in the market, you should focus on how you use technology and enhancing your customer experience using advance analytics. There has never been a better time for the wealth management industry to review and replace its operating technology. Modern wealth management technology solutions empower advisors and relationship managers to focus on their clients rather than the processes.

      Big-Budget Robo Advisory

      Is Robo Advisory bleeding your budget? Robo Advisory may be in wealth management Vogue, but we all know how it eats at your resources. Why not try an alternative?

        Data Management

        Are you drowning in vast amounts of data? Recording, maintaining, and accessing data shouldn't be such an ongoing strain for advisors.

          A Need for Automation

          Are you still confined to the inefficiency of manual methods? Save time by automating where appropriate. Free up your focus for the steps and tasks that truly require your attention.

            Wealth Management Technology Solutions

            Hexaview brings you the experience of decades in the trenches. Over the years, we've worked closely with a range of wealth management stalwarts to learn the nuts and bolts of the industry. We put this to use by developing the most professional wealth management software solutions designed to unburden advisors. Our integrated wealth management software solutions allow the advisors to collaborate with clients effortlessly on retirement and goals-based planning, create investment proposals, gain insights through advance analytics, deliver financial advice, and much more across multiple clients. No matter how many clients you have, which segment they belong to, or how experienced you advisors are, you can manage them easily.

            Advanced Automation

            Our wealth management technology solutions are imbibed with distinctive AI and ML technologies and tools like Big Data, Neo4j Graph Database to simplify and revolutionize your wealth management experience.

            • We've engineered our software to give you the most precise results, faster!

            • Automation adds HOURS back onto your calendar.

            • Artificial Frameworks give you the agility to test-drive your solutions.

            • Use statistics to estimate the relationships among variables accurately.

            • Data mining tools let you navigate large sets of data to identify recurring patterns and establish problem-solving relationships.

            Seamless Integration

            Our solutions establish a unified platform that integrates all your tools for more robust insights and a lengthened reach.

            • Hexaview solutions prioritize ACCURACY and a streamlined process.

            • Machine perception interprets data in a manner akin to human processing.

            • Cloud storage provides you a secure platform with universal intelligibility.

            • A multi-user platform offers flexibility and shared access.

            • Hexaview adheres to an uncompromising standard of wealth management software practices.

            Customized Reporting

            Hexaview supplies tailored solutions perfect for your individual requirements.

            • Optimize your analyses and data interpretation.

            • Tabulate more effectively with improved data alignment.

            • View comparative data within a straightforward interface.

            • Interact with data through user-friendly visual aids.

            • Achieve accurate calculations supported by meticulous validation and a graphical tabulation of data.

            Trusted by 5000+ advisors as to their go-to financial planning tool.

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