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case studies

GeneralPublished on: Fri Feb 10 2023

Transforming SSRS Report Generation Process using Advent Portfolio Exchange (APX)

Business Scenario

Our client was a US-based client financial services firm that specializes in portfolio management and uses ADVENT’s APX to store clients’ financial data. They were looking for an application that can provide custom rules to transform custodial data and import them in APX along with a better error logging mechanism.

Hexaview was required to develop an application, with a high level of data accuracy but much simpler, efficient, and including functionalities for filter creation and specific custodian behavior.

Technical Scenario

Hexaview was the right choice for the customer since it’s a technology firm focused on wealth management solutions.

Hexaview’s Solution

We developed an application that can read all the types of accounting data present in different file formats, translate them, and then merge with external applications to import the translated data to the APX system. The system was designed in the following manner:

·        Developed an entitlement-based application used by multiple users simultaneously. 

·        Transformed financial data, coming from the custodian in various file formats, and make them available in APX. 

·        Implemented various custom logics for flawless translation, maintaining detailed logs to trackback data issues.

We came up with the critical solution as per the client’s needs at the following levels:

·        Transformation – File transformation with custom rules. 

·        Configurable Input Files – Input files can be read from multiple custodians and can be changed later without hassles. Seamless

·        Integration with APX – Calling APX to fetch and save data without any human interference.

Key Success Factors

·        Understood the current products in the market to identify gaps. 

·        Following the sprints strictly helped in getting the customer feedback timely & quickly. 

·        Our prior knowledge of working with APX helped in timely delivery.