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GeneralPublished on: Fri Feb 10 2023

How Hexaview Implemented a scalable & robust Azure-based solution for financial advisors

Business Scenario

Data Extraction is becoming a major hurdle for growing businesses, and everyone has a desire to overcome the challenges associated with data fetching. Hexaview adhered to the responsibility & came out with our solution called PDF Extractor. Our goal is to deliver an application that can fulfill the multi-dimensional requirements of our clients.

Client’s Challenges

·        Errors in data extraction

·        A safe and secured platform was required to store data

·        The data entry process is very tedious & cumbersome

·        Fetching customized data fields was not possible with human intervention

Hexaview’s Solution

·        We started from scratch and brought all the consideration under one roof. Priorly, we focused on the aspect of accuracy & for that, we used technologies like Amazon Text ExtractTesseract, and KNN algorithm to detect and uproot text from PDF files for both printed and handwritten documents.

·        We added S3 cloud storage to bring a universally accessible platform with enhanced security.

·        We automated end to end data extraction process to reduce human efforts and minimize the window of glitches.

·        We used Python libraries such as OpenCV, NumPy array, and various algorithms such as the Canny Edge Detector algorithm to image PDF files.

·        Our team improved UI & UX parameters to provide an interactive interface and added features like save the defined location as templates for future use.

Impact of the implementation

·        Enabled PDFs retrieval from an email message, an FTP site, or a folder

·        Accuracy in data got uplifted with significant margins

·        Data is now accessible beyond geographic boundaries via cloud platforms

·        We have added security measures to ensure our client’s data protection

·        Specific locations inside the document can be accessed with a point & click system

·        Time savings up to 60% was attained

·        Overall cost involved was reduced up to a significant margin

·        Added flexibility to extract specific data fields and dispatch the parsed data in real-time

Key Success Factors

·        We never compromised with the security and provided full customer support.

·        Our prior focus was on accuracy and precision.

Previous exposure to Machine Learning & Python Libraries helped us in setting the backbone for PDF Extractor.