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GeneralPublished on: Fri Feb 10 2023

Creating custom SSRS reports using Advent Portfolio Exchange (APX)

Business Scenario

One of our many US-based clients specializing in client advisory, portfolio management & reporting, required the creation of custom SSRS reports using Advent Portfolio Exchange (APX). Advent’s APX is proprietary software and a completely revamped version of Advent’s earlier PMS. This requires knowledge of Microsoft’s SSRS reporting framework as well as Advent’s APX.

Business Challenges

SSRS report Customization is too client-specific and therefore is time-consuming. If not properly understood, this could result in cost escalations.

·        This is a niche area and Advent comes up with new APX versions now and then therefore we need to keep ourselves appraised with the latest changes in APX.

·        To manage their database i.e. to manipulate and control data to meet necessary conditions throughout the entire data lifecycle.

Hexaview Solution

Hexaview was the right choice for the customer since it’s a technology firm focused on wealth management solutions. We have so far created 50+ customized SSRS reports for various clients in the US which makes us one of the few firms with knowledge of SSRS & APX.

Hexaview created different SSRS reports as per client needs. The reports were created with the following customizations:

·        UI Customization – Report had the desired look and feel as per defined enterprise standards.

·        Data Customization – It involved creating new stored procedures to collect data differently. Adding new report filters as per client need and using Microsoft’s SSRS report functions and VB coding to display the data graphically.

·        Performance Reports – Developing completely new performance reports with TWR, IRR & other financial metrics.

Impact of the Implementation

·        The client’s effectiveness and efficiency have increased multiple times with our Enterprise Reporting Solutions.

·        Customized SSRS reports with the desired look and feels as well as data requirements making end clients happy.

Key Success Factors

·        Our prior knowledge of SSRS reporting helped in the easy adoption of Advent’s APX platform.

·        We are flexible to incorporate our client’s last-minute changes without any additional cost impact on them.

·        Our intensive work in Advisor desktop, PMS, and creation of integration pipelines benefit our customers by working with a domain rich offshore partner.