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Streamlining Insurance Processes with Guidewire Capabilities

At Hexaview, we are on a mission to transform the insurance landscape through cutting-edge Insurtech solutions. Our state-of-the-art technology and unparalleled expertise empower insurers to thrive in this ever-changing modern digital world.
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      Elevate Your Insurtech Transformation with Hexaview
      Your Trusted Partner for Technology Excellence

      Hexaview assists insurers in executing their technology strategies to achieve market growth, cost effectiveness, innovation, and risk management. Our leading-edge technology and specialized knowledge enable insurers to excel in a fast-evolving digital landscape. We have a team of highly experienced insurance technology and business Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) who specialize in aiding insurers with technology implementation and testing services. Our expertise spans insurance system modernization, System Integrations, customer experience enhancement, AI, and cloud migration.

      Hexaview supports insurers in achieving their technology goals, driving efficiency, and enhancing the overall customer experience. As a trusted partner, we are dedicated to helping insurers navigate the complexities of technology in the insurance landscape, propelling them toward sustainable growth and success.

      Explore our Insurtech

      Policy Management

      Within our offering, we digitize policy functions and transactions. These include Insurance Quotes, Policy Binding, Policy issuance, Policy change/Endorsement, Renewals, Rewrite, and Underwriting issue management. Our solution caters to various personas such as agents, underwriters, and potential or existing customers for enhanced efficiency.

      Claims Handling

      Automate claims processes, including claims intake and reporting, claims settlement, claims document upload and handling, claims payment, claims evaluation, and claim settlement, for various personas such as customers, claims adjusters, and agents.

      Technology Integration

      Integrate Core Systems e.g., Guidewire PolicyCenter, BillingCenter, and Claims Center with External APIs (Risk Management and Address Standardization, Digital Frontends, and Legacy systems).

      Customer Engagement

      Provide intuitive and wizard-based transactions to Policyholders, New Customers, and Agents.

      Smart Underwriting & Valuable Insights

      Utilize AI and machine learning for faster & accurate risk assessment. Gain deeper business understanding with data analytics and reporting tools.

      Testing Functions

      Testing Insurance transactions end to end starting from Customer Digital applications, Agent Digital Applications, Core Policy Systems, and Core Claim Systems to Data layers. Testing insurance Forms, and Insurance Integration layers and system interactions for on-prem and cloud systems.

      Embrace Seamless Guidewire Integration
      Unleash the Full Potential

      Hexaview's Guidewire technology team maximizes the efficiency and productivity of Guidewire packaged implementation with our unparalleled Guidewire technology stack knowledge and experience.

      What sets us apart is our innovative approach, driven by our Guidewire Center of Excellence, insurance-wise workforce, and cloud-first approach, utilizing prebuilt accelerators to fast-track your success.

      Partnering with us and Guidewire unlocks the true potential of your core processes, harnessing the power of data for a modern customer and agent experience.

      Embark on your digital transformation journey with Hexaview and Guidewire - the winning combination for an exciting future in Insurtech.

      Unlocking Success with Guidewire & Hexaview
      Your Strategic Implementation Partner


      Seamless Collaboration Across the Project Lifecycle

      At Hexaview, we ensure seamless collaboration throughout the project lifecycle. Our experts integrate with your IT and business teams from initial assessment to project kick-off, implementation, various deployments, and knowledge transfer, driving success together.


      Rapid Implementation and Cost Efficiency

      Experience rapid implementation and cost efficiency with our powerful accelerators, standardized templates, and valuable assets. Our Lean-Agile delivery framework streamlines processes, saving you time and resources.


      Trusted Partnership and Ongoing Support

      Our trusted partnership extends beyond implementation. We invest in continuous training for our professionals to stay ahead, ensuring uninterrupted support for your evolving projects with robust business continuity plans.


      The Edge for Insurance Expansion

      Hexaview with Guidewire provides the edge insurers need for confident expansion. With our proven expertise, you can tackle new challenges, seize opportunities, and enhance your capabilities.


      Realizing Your Guidewire Vision

      Together with Guidewire, we make your vision a reality. Our skilled team and dedication to excellence unlock the full potential of Guidewire, transforming your insurance operations for the better.

      Insurance Segments

      Property & Casualty

      We specialize in assisting P&C insurers in enhancing their policy and claims functions by leveraging digital technology to streamline processes for agents, insureds, and vendors. Our tailored digital solutions aim to optimize efficiency, improve customer experiences, and drive overall operational excellence for insurance companies in the property and casualty sector.

      Our expertise lies in identifying and implementing the right digital solutions that align with the unique requirements of each insurer. Whether it's automating underwriting processes, offering self-service portals for policyholders, or integrating advanced analytics for data-driven decision-making, we are committed to driving digital transformation and propelling our clients towards success in the dynamic insurance landscape.

      Group Benefits

      We specialize in assisting insurers to enhance value for brokers, employers, and employees in the realm of group benefits insurance.

      For Brokers: By leveraging our technology solutions, brokers can efficiently navigate through plan options, compare coverage, and make informed recommendations to their clients.

      For Employees: Our focus on user-friendly experiences ensures that employees can easily access and understand their group benefits offerings.

      Why Choose Hexaview?

      Insurtech Capabilities

      Hexaview excels in implementing packaged (Guidewire, EIS, Salesforce, Unqork) and custom solutions that cover every aspect of the insurance value chain, from customer acquisition, underwriting, and policy administration to claims processing and claims management.

      Data-Driven Decision Making

      Embrace the power of data with our advanced analytics and AI/ML capabilities. Make informed decisions, identify market trends, customer behaviour, and optimize processes to enhance your business's efficiency and profitability.

      Enhanced Customer And Agent Experience

      Deliver an exceptional customer experience through our intuitive omnichannel user interfaces, personalized interactions, and quick response times. Satisfied customers lead to higher retention rates and increased referrals.

      End to End Testing Capabilities

      Hexaview's deep P&C business knowledge ensures flawless end-to-end testing, making costly core business technology transformations a risk-free affair.

      Seamless Guidewire Integration

      Hexaview seamlessly integrates with Guidewire systems, augmenting their capabilities and supercharging your core insurance processes. Leverage the strengths of both platforms to achieve optimal results.