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case studies

GeneralPublished on: Fri Feb 10 2023

America’s leading direct leader expands their offering with our offshore captive center

Business Scenario

Our client is one of the leading lending firms in the US. They provide customized and efficient capital to support small and middle-market businesses. They were looking for someone who could aid them in data integration & migration from Geneva and Mariana accounting systems which would further help them generate reports. Along with that, to provide support for Bond market trading applications and handle huge data through Power BI and Cloud Azure.

Technical Scenario 

Hexaview was the right choice for the customer since it’s a technology firm focused on FinTech solutions. Our expertise, including Quality Assurance Engineers, Back-end, and Front-end Developers, was deployed to serve our client.

We served them using various technologies, including

·        Java

·        .NET

·        Salesforce

and provided Quality Assurance Services as well.

Hexaview’s Solution

·        Our team analyzed the requirements and comprehended the background of the project.

·        We established a dashboard on the Cloud: Microsoft Azure to enhance user experience.

·        We used Power BI to slice and dice the data for better analysis and make informed decisions.

·        We transformed their conventional data management system to Salesforce CRM to have better insights and save costs.

Impact of the Implementation

·        Data Analytics became smoother.

·        Better management of huge data through Cloud Azure and Power BI.

·        Our implementations helped them by boosting their efficiency.

·        With migration towards Salesforce, our clients are now utilizing a modern & comprehensive platform.

Key Success Factors   

·        Deployed software engineers with prior knowledge about the FinTech domain.

·        We kept our clients in touch during the entire development phase to have their immediate feedback and teach them on a prior basis.