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case studies

GeneralPublished on: Fri Feb 10 2023

Cloud Cost Optimization: Reduced AWS OpEx by 45%

Business Scenario

The AWS consumption for our client’s team had been increasing over the years resulting in growing costs. They were looking for a cost optimization solution that could also be used continuously to keep their rising AWS bills in check. They contacted Hexaview to simplify the process for them.

We organized an intro session, and during that session, our team made an initial assessment. We found that their AWS account bills were overshooting, which was too expensive for the service offered. So we took the challenge to optimize it.


Client’s Challenges

Our team completed the account assessment in 24 hours. And we sent an assessment report to the Client. It showed:

·        The main reason why AWS costs were high

·        How we could solve it (without losing capacity).

·        The expected savings.

We reviewed our findings with our customer. And agreed to proceed with the optimization. 

Hexaview’s Solution

Key solution highlights achieved by Hexaview for the Client were: 

·        Identified and highlighted unused and underutilized resources like unused servers, disks, load balancers, etc., resulting in extra cost. 

·        Proposed and Deployed architectural changes to achieve a cost-optimized setup with reduced downtimes without compromising the scalability of the platform. 

·        RDS Optimizations for HA and Cost.

Impacts on Business

·        Optimized AWS Resources: With our solutions, we were able to reduce the AWS cost to reduce the cloud bill by 40%.

·        Cost-efficient setup with complete transparency of AWS spend.