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case studies

GeneralPublished on: Fri Feb 10 2023

Custom Software Development to integrate Financial Systems Bloomberg & AXYS Portfolio Management System

Business Scenario

A US-based mutual fund company required custom software to integrate Bloomberg Trade Converter output with Axys Portfolio management system but with custom-defined rules. Our client was looking for a simple to use yet powerful web-based application to transform everyday financial trades using custom business rules, into a format that can be easily loaded into the Axys system, therefore, making available the most recent data in Axys system.

Technical Scenario

An IT ecosystem was expected which not only provide ability to easily create and configure complex financial business rules, but also store all the history and reported errors / warning in a more user friendly format. A web based solution was expected with following features:

– Ability to view, create, edit & delete business rules governing the application behavior.

– Auto data transfer function to load and process new input files.

– History and audit trail for all the files processed

Hexaview Solution

·        Agile methodology was followed to showcase evolving prototypes and ensure 100% customer handholding which ensured the right product at right time in optimized cost.

·        Online tools (e.g. JIRA) are used to ensure transparency and win customer confidence.

·        A highly configurable business rules engine is developed in open source technologies, which could accept data from standard format, based upon inputs provided in excel and output data in user-defined format and systems.

·        A data mapping table is created to map all data in two heterogeneous systems i.e. Bloomberg & Axys Portfolio Management System.

Key Success Factors

·        An energetic development team with high business acumen which could understand client’s challenges and requirements.

·        Coherence of Hexaview team with client team which could be achieved by 100% transparency and stakeholder engagement from client’s side.

·        Comprehensive evaluation of business as well as technical requirements.