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case studies

GeneralPublished on: Fri Feb 10 2023

How Hexaview helped a FinTech firm upgrade its financial planning platform to empower advisor growth

About Our Client

A FinTech holding company that builds solutions to shape the future of the investor experience. They offer a variety of financial solutions by combining investment intelligence, data science, and technology, enabling clients to update their businesses through digitization.


Client’s Challenges

·        The target customer for our client was financial advisors. Through their platform, advisors provide a personalized financial planning journey, quickly and

easily to their clients.

·        Our client wanted to upgrade their platform and add new features to it. Therefore, they were seeking an experienced development team who could help them turn their vision into reality.

Hexaview’s Solution

Hexaview helped the client with the following steps:

·        Optimized the code of the platform and fixed all the existing bugs initially.

·        Added new modules to the existing web platform, allowing the advisors to provide a diverse range of financial planning services, for example, retirement

plans, child education plans, real estate plans, etc.

·        Deployed a chatbot to help advisors address new client questions promptly, powering a better client experience.

Technologies used: DialogFlow, Django, GraphQL, Subscriptions in GraphQL.

Impacts on Business

·        The client was able to modify their platform as per their vision and the delivered platform is ready for scaling by adding new products/features in the future.

·        We collaborate with the client on an ongoing basis, supporting the delivered solution and helping grow and prosper.