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case studies

GeneralPublished on: Fri Feb 10 2023

Established a User-Friendly Payment Management Portal on AWS Cloud

Business Scenario

One of our U.S. based Clients wanted a payment management portal that would ease the process of entering payments and executing them, which was earlier processed in excel files manually. Hexaview suggested them the Treasury Portal idea, which helped the client manage costs, review them, and facilitate various approval levels.

Client’s Challenges & Requirements

·        The client was experiencing an error-prone and slow process of managing payments.

·        They needed a platform where they can avoid poor coordination and collaboration of entering payments and executing them.

Hexaview’s Solution

·        With our technological expertise, Hexaview developed an online portal to ease payment management complexities and challenges.

·        We moved the project to Cloud AWS to improve usability.

·        As per the client’s concern about user-friendly UI, we designed and developed a highly user-friendly UI that is easy to use and engaging for their payments’ team; it exceeded the client’s expectations.

Impact of the implementation

·        The client’s effectiveness and efficiency have increased multiple times with the implementation of the online portal.

·        The application is user-friendly.

·        Eliminated the discrepancies in data due to inadequate collaboration.

·        Rolling out new versions and upgrades have become more manageable.

·        It has a modern cloud-native architecture with full-customization support.

Key Success Factors

·        Having a good understanding of payment methods and cloud structure, we were able to provide the client with our best services.

·        Hexaview team’s coherence with the client team was be achieved by 100% transparency and stakeholder engagement from the client’s side.

·        We are flexible to incorporate changes /functionalities demanded by the client.