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case studies

GeneralPublished on: Fri Feb 10 2023

Powering the data extraction application of a renowned wealth management firm

Business Scenario

A well renowned Financial Advisory firm based in the U.S. was looking for a technology partner who understands the domain and has expertise on the wide variety of tools used inside a firm. Their major concern was regarding the scalability & security associated with the solution and hence Microsoft Azure was the right choice for them.

Technical Scenario

Hexaview was the right choice for our synergistic partner since we have a more than a decade of FinTech experience, delivering sustainable solutions for Wealth Management for more than a decade. We brought all the challenges under one roof and came out with an API Tool that could calculate various parameters related to their operations.

·        Initially, the solution was developed locally and later moved to a Microsoft Azure-based PaaS Model.

·        Keeping scalability and security as our priority, we were able to deliver a VPN based private cloud solution that has multi-factor authentication. We also integrated SSO based Okta authentication with Microsoft Azure and added White Labelled IP Address to uplift the security standards.

·        We also kept our focus over UI and UX aspects to elevate the visual representation standards and hence improving the analysis of various metrics associated with our clients. Various graphical models were added like the Bar Graph to provide detailed insights into the operations and improve the decision-making capabilities of our client.

Hexaview’s Solution

·        After analyzing the scenario, our experts formulated a web-based tool where the client was able to manage all their assets and liabilities.

·        Integration had been a major milestone and we were able to integrate the existing authentication & authorization workflow into the Web API Platform on azure. We also integrated their system with a 3rd party calculator for quick in-house calculations. Further, we integrated all their existing accounts with Tamarac PMS to fetch account/ portfolio, position information.

·        We also added an email service to notify the admin regarding any updates over the platform.

Impact of the Implication

·        With a scalable Azure-based solution our client received the privilege to look forward to a higher number of HNWIs in their bracket.

·        Added security measures ensured them about the safety of their key assets.

·        Users were able to attain key insights about their operations and hence empowered their decision-making capabilities.

Key Success Factors

·        Our proficiency in Microsoft Azure paved the way for a robust and scalable solution.

·        We were able to understand our client’s challenges effectively as we have been serving the FinTech industry over a decade.