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Digital Transformation with Salesforce Health Cloud Implementation

Salesforce Health Cloud Implementation by Hexaview
About Our Client

A human services agency, providing a myriad of homes & community-based high-quality and culturally-specific behavioral health services. Their goal is to reduce health disparities and improve the outcomes for everyone.

Client’s Challenges
The client required a custom healthcare management platform that could ensure uniform connectivity, and process visibility while handling patients, the local care team, and the central office. A few of their strategic objectives included:
  • Provide an enterprise-class healthcare management solution that helps care leaders ensure the members are getting appropriate care.
  • The solution must be highly secure and safe as the data is sensitive in nature.
  • Automation for case assignments to care managers so that timely care can be provided.
  • Eliminate repetition and inconsistency in the data.
  • Create a highly integrated system to provide a single view of a community member and a single place for care coordination.
Hexaview’s Solution

Hexaview’s Salesforce team supported the client by providing the following solutions:

  • Implemented MFA: Added an extra layer of security to the platform.
  • Data Model Setup: We used standard objects in the Health Cloud and created object relationships to eliminate the redundancy in data.
  • Automation: Added assignment rules to automate the case assignment process.
  • Reports & Dashboards: Created reports and dashboards to get stats related to patients’ data.
Technology Stack
  • Salesforce functionalities
  • DocuSign Managed Packages
  • Salesforce Authenticator
Impacts on Business
  • Hexaview helped the client successfully adapt, and get the maximum benefit out of their Salesforce Health Cloud-based Care Management solution.
  • We worked closely with the client’s team for demos, training, and platform maturation.
  • The client is pleased with the resulting solution.
  • We collaborate with the client on an ongoing basis, supporting the delivered solution and helping grow and prosper.
Key Success Factors
  • Hexaview is a registered Salesforce consulting partner, having a team of globally certified and experienced engineers & QAs.
  • Being a leading digital transformation firm, Hexaview’s major success lies in its relationship with technology. We carefully analyze each tech decision and are committed to innovating our processes without end.