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Hexaview Technologies Inc., Noida office, in cooperation with the Mission Jan Jagriti Blood Bank and Civil Hospital, Noida, held a blood donation drive on October 5, 2017, Thursday. This activity seeks to save the lives of people who need blood. Hexaview employees came forward to reflect their values of community commitment by Blood donation.

Dr. NK Bhatia, Civil Hospital, Noida, led the donation drive. He counseled the employees by discussing the advantages of blood donation. He also informed about the current state of blood availability in hospitals and the number of lives being lost every day in India due to the unavailability of matching blood. According to World Health Organisation (WHO), ‘there is a constant need for regular blood supply because blood can be stored for only a limited time before use.’

Blood donation promotes the early rebuild of RBCs in the body and improves the level of oxygen in blood in the body. Dr. Bhatia even encouraged that every person eligible to donate blood must donate in a time interval of 3 months. Hexaview Technology Management thank all who have contributed to the initiative and made it a success.

Hexaview Technologies Inc. provides Wealth Management Technology solutions. It has its offices in New Jersey, USA, and Noida, India.

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