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We are a Digital Transformation Firm providing high-end products and solutions to clients who include leading players in the worldwide technology industry. We pride ourselves on agile product development and unparalleled IT services.

What We Do

We specialize in designing, developing, and implementing complex data and software solutions that leverage the most advanced technology infrastructure to your critical business needs.Our niche spans technology pillars like” – Salesforce, Cloud, AI, NLP, ML and more. We thrive on the principle of trust and integrity. We value our relationships and commit to our promises. We believe in seeing our own business grow with our clients, and we leave no stone unturned in providing exemplary service. We’re here to see you reach and surpass your every goal!

We strongly believe that there is no more firm foundation for prosperous business relationships than mutual trust. We make promises that we can keep and conduct business with integrity.

We understand what matters to our clients and always employ the best resources to deliver a highly optimized solution to meet the needs and budget expectations.

At Hexaview, we are always ready for new challenges and we’re ready to transform our customer’s vision into a reliable and robust product. We understand that this requires flexibility and we’re always happy to work within our customer’s requirements.

We strive to deliver excellent results and we are fully committed to providing our clients with maximum value. In this ever-changing business environment, we help our customers be more agile while maintaining high standards of quality.

We are socially responsible, and giving back to the community is an integral part of our mission. 

Our Mission and
Core Values

Hexaview’s mission is to deliver long-term, strategic outcomes to revolutionize industries and help our client’s businesses thrive. Our values are not merely words; they are who we are. Our values equate to what we do in each of our engagements.

Our Awards & Certifications

The benefits of recognition go a long way in impacting the organization positively and are powerful motivators leading to an increase in performance & productivity.
Here are some of the awards & certifications that Hexaview Technologies has received. We pride ourselves on our dedicated and hardworking team in building out the following recognitions.

Top Fintech App Developers


Great Place
to Work



Ranked 25 in Deloitte Fast 50 (India)

Rated among ”50 cool startups” by Silicon India

Ranked 206th in Deloitte Technology Fast 500 (Asia Pacific)

Awarded for excellence in IT/ITES by NCCI

Information Security Management System



Quality Management System



Social Impact

Making positive changes to the communities

Our Board of Directors & Advisors

Envisioning the goals & paving the path to success for the organization.

Abhishek Talwar

CEO & Co-Founder

Abhishek Talwar

CEO & CO-Founder

Abhishek wears multiple hats at Hexaview, as CEO, he drives the company's vision, strategy, and growth. With QA as his DNA and Innovation as his passion, Abhishek ensures that quality standards are maintained while keeping innovations flowing at Hexaview. Abhishek has been serving software industry since more than 20 years and holds US patents to his name. A well-known entity in the software development world, he has been a prolific speaker in top international conferences with more than 15 international publications under his belt.

Ankit Agarwal

CTO & Co-Founder

Ankit Agarwal

CTO & CO-Founder

Ankit Agarwal co-founded Hexaview with a vision to assemble a team with unmatched technical excellence to empower businesses with right technologies. Leveraging his 18+ years of experience works closely with the group's strategy functions to provide requisite domain expertise, deliver excellent technological solutions, and support the tactical plan. A true technocrat, he always makes sure that team at Hexaview is well equipped with latest software tools and technologies whether open source or commercial.

George Christodoulou

Sr. Account Executive

George Christodoulou

Sr. Account executive

George joined Hexaview family as a General Manager – EMEA in 2021. He holds three decades of experience in Digital Transformation after being associated with leading organizations in their growth journey. He started out his career journey in purely technical roles, but over time transitioned into product and managerial roles. He has worked at several multinationals, as well as startups. Currently he is holding the position of Sr. Account Executive and leading Hexaview’s global expansion in the US, Greater Europe and the UK.

Santosh Bindra

Associate Director - Open Source Technology

Santosh Bindra

Associate Director-Open Source Technology

The first one to believe in the potential of Hexaview, Santosh, has been the flag bearer for our values from the beginning. For the last 11+ years, Santosh has been doing what he loves: solving complex coding challenges. He has a passion for open-source software, and has worked in. He has worked in various engineering positions in software development, data engineering and infrastructure teams. A hard-working visionary, Santosh has served as the guiding hand behind many of our most significant accomplishments and milestones.

Vipul Sharma

Associate Director – New Technology

Vipul Sharma

Associate Director – New Technology

Vipul is Hexaview’s gold standard for dedication and commitment. He joined our team in 2014 as a Sr. Application Engineer and has performed various roles of Hexaview ever since. He is a multi-talented, tech-savvy individual who fosters the kind of team synergy that leads to staggering results. Vipul has made significant contributions to numerous global projects and always exceeds expectations. He has recently been promoted to Associate Director – New Technology and for his immense devotion and contribution to the growth and success of Hexaview.

Sumit Sipani

Associate Director - Enterprise Technology

Sumit Sipani

Associate Director-Enterprise Technology

A great influence and solution guru when it comes to solving complex technical issues. Sumit never ceases to impress us with his commitment to digging in and understanding the unknowns. His positive attitude and precise approach make him an instant favorite. Over the years he has been a software developer, platform engineer and an architect. Leveraging his strong background in large scale enterprise business products (both B2B and B2C), big data, system architecture and scalability, his expertise lies in building integration platforms, improving application/ platform observability, and solving scalability related bottlenecks from the application to the infrastructure.

Bhagyashri Jha

Associate Director - Data

Bhagyashri Jha

Associate Director-Data

Bhagyashri aka BG is just amazing at whatever she does. She joined Hexaview in 2015 as a Software Engineer and has grown in different roles at Hexaview. BG has proved herself in each & every role she acquired through her immense talent, dedication & strong resolve to deliver. BG is passionate about the .net language and a focus on database related topics. When not writing codes, she loves to distract herself with shopping and travelling.

Sunil Wadhwa

Managing Director Advisory, USA

Sunil Wadhwa

Managing Director Advisory, USAr

Sunil Wadhwa joined Hexaview to lead the services expansion in the United States. He brings 35+ years of experience in the financial service sector, with 15+ years focusing on the buy-side. Prior to Hexaview, Sunil was a Managing Director at Gravitas for 10 years, holding several positions within the organization. In his tenure at Gravitas, he held roles in sales, client services, and internal operations.

Larry Baker


Larry Baker


Larry Baker has over 35 years’ experience in the financial industry with emphasis on data management, technology, and portfolio management systems. He is responsible for the strategic vision, direction and execution of BaySys Technology. Prior to founding BaySys, he founded an outsourcing data management firm that was sold to Advent Software in 2002. Leading up to that role, he was the Vice President of Round Hill Securities in their Portfolio Systems department, working with over 150 representatives nationwide. It is a great value addition to us to have him as one of our advisors.