Hexaview Technologies

Advisor Billing Application to Cater to Varying Enterprise Businesses.

Business Scenario

Our Client’s existing Billing Application was designed to help Financial Advisors to

  • Generate Bills for the end clients
  • Generate reports regarding client information
  • Generate Billings corresponding to the clients.

Due to the changing technology landscape, the Client’s application required a technical transition along with the addition of several functionalities and features.

Business Challenges

As the FinTech industry is evolving, so are customers’ demands.

  • Our Client wanted to move from a traditional desktop application to a cloud-based web application.
  • Handling vast amounts of data, especially for their end clients, was a massive challenge for them.
  • The application was not user-friendly; hence they wanted to enhance the user experience. 
  • The Client had a strict timeline of 7 months for the overall migration and development.
Hexaview’s Solution

We delivered an end-to-end functional SaaS-based, multi-tenant, web-based portal for billing within the said timelines. 

  • Analyzed the Client’s existing application and proposed a solution per their requirements.
  • Developed a web application that can be used by multiple users simultaneously.
  • Automated the whole calculation logic with a minimal user interface.
  • Added functionality of Report Generation, which produces properly formatted reports that are easy to analyze and more accurate.
  • The application communicates to existing Portfolio Management Systems, Custodian interfaces using REST APIs & web services. 

We constantly modify, create effective plans, and implement them, adding new functionalities and features to ease the billing process.

Impact of the Implementation
  • The web application is more user-friendly and can be accessed anytime anywhere.
  • The Client is delighted with the application and our team’s work. Most of their end clients shifted from desktop version to web version.
  • The maintenance of the application became more accessible.
  • The application has become more secure.
  • Rolling out new versions and upgrades became easier.
Key Success Factors
  • We have expertise in the FinTech industry and developing billing applications. 
  • The coherence of our team with a client team could be achieved by 100% transparency and stakeholder engagement from the Client’s side.
  • Improving the whole testing process to provide stability to the product.