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Empower your HR Department with ALHEXA AI-Powered HR Chatbot

Bring value to your business by adopting AI technology that brings tangible ROI to your organization.

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    Challenges faced by HR Professionals

    HR challenges are often driven by factors that apply pressure to meet the demands of a fast-paced, digitally-driven environment. Identifying and overcoming these challenges is something that is worthy of spending time, money and effort.

    Inefficient HR processes

    Poor Employee engagement

    Longer wait times for employees

    Inefficacy to boost HR productivity

    Resolve Your HR Department problems with an AI-powered HR chatbot

    ALHexa- Chatbot for the
    HR industry

    A paradigm shift towards digitization and the adoption of advanced technologies is essential for any business looking to grow and stay ahead of the curve. ALHexa, the HR Virtual Assistant, frees up the human resource individual from performing repetitive tasks helping them to focus on other value-added activities that boost performance and productivity.
    ALHexa gives first-class service to the employees by resolving their general queries with accurate details on time. Our HR chatbot can rejuvenate the HR services.

    Easier search and information access with accurate

    Facilitating lower costs through automation

    Conversational & involving employees by providing a wide

    Expanding HR availability to 24*7

    Improving employee retention

    How ALHexa works?

    With ALHexa, employees can find all the information related to company norms and policies, obtain their personal information like leave balance, appraisal cycle, etc., and stay updated with the latest company news and events.
    Our conversational HR chatbot leverages machine learning algorithms to enable the users to similarly speak to the machine as they do to a human. If the employees are not specific about their questions, ALHexa suggests similar questions related to their queries.

    Tech Stack


    Python & React.JS


    NVIDIA Nemo (based on PyTorch), NeMo ASR (Automatic Speech Recognition), NeMo TTS(Text to Speech), NeMo NLP (Natural language processing)




    Neural Networks, BERT


    Spell-checker, Google vocab, Gensim library - for word2vec model, etc., NLTK library - for TF - IDF and text pre-processing, etc., Flask, sklearn, Joblib, pathlib, OS, pickel, JSON.

    Additonal Approach

    Word2Vector + TF_IDF + Global Corpus


    ALHexa gives first-class service to the employees by resolving their general queries

    Data Protection

    Secures all confidential information through the API platform

    Versatile Applications

    Can be deployed to a range of industries for multiple purposes as per requirements

    Development Technology

    Harnesses AI & ML technologies that can be deployed seamlessly using MLflow and NVIDIA Triton

    User’s Intent Identification

    If the users are not specific about their questions, AlHexa will suggest similar questions related to their queries


    The most user-friendly chatbot that can be implemented for your use cases.

    Speech Recognition

    Allows users to give input by speaking.

    Speech Synthesis

    Converts chatbot responses into voice.

    Deploy ALHexa across various industries to automate business processes & enhance customer engagement

    Our chatbot is not only limited to HR but can be deployed to a range of industries as per requirements.