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General Published on: Fri Feb 10 2023

Hexaview Broadcast

1) Robo rollout in mid-2018 by JP Morgan    

JP Morgan could introduce a pilot Robo-advisor program called ‘JPMorgan Digital Investing’ in March 2018 for investors with less than $5,000. The bank is working on its program with the fintech firm InvestCloud.

The investing program is a buoyant structure of online investing tools called Robo-advisers that firms offer as a low-cost way to get basic advice and automated portfolio management. According to Reuters, the Robo advisor program is part of the bank’s $300 million investment in asset management technology and automation. Read More

2) Bitcoin’s wild ride before holiday week

The cryptocurrency tumbled more than 30 percent for its biggest reverse of the year before a similarly steep rally on Friday. Bitcoin reached a peak of $19,666 on December 17. Michael Novogratz, a prominent former hedge fund manager, warned that bitcoin could slide to as low as $8,000. Many analysts have labeled the explosion of interest in bitcoin and its cryptocurrency cousins as a classic speculative mania. Read More

3) Direct Indexing, next revolution in investment management

New technology-direct indexing makes it possible to replicate the best of both separately managed accounts and indexed-based funds. “The more that the technology scales, and the lower trading costs and asset-based wrap fees become, the more feasible the strategy becomes,” says Michael Kitces.

Active Index Advisors is not the only firm bringing direct indexing to the wealth management space. SMArtX Advisory Solutions is a TAMP platform catering to RIAs and manages the fully integrated UMA solution for SS&C Advent clients. Their platform provides direct indexing strategies through a UMA/SMA structure.

Tax-loss harvesting & the ability to customize stock portfolios are notable advantages of direct indexing. Read More