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General Published on: Mon Oct 16 2023

Business Automation using Microsoft Power Platforms

Over the decades every industry has wanted to reduce manual efforts and reduce their work through the process of automation from factories to assembly lines to healthcare systems. But now Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning are taking automation to the next level. So

businesses can increase efficiency, revenue and thrive in challenging markets. We are using efficient software, Machine learning models, and trained bots to automate the process and make our system smart and intelligent. That is where business Intelligence comes into the picture.

  • Business Automation: Business Automation is a term referring to the use of the latest technology, software, and applications that can perform repetitive tasks, reducing manpower, reducing cost, and providing ease to both customers and service providers. Hence Microsoft Power Platforms are playing a major role in automating the business process. Microsoft Power Platform is an app development and connectivity software applications used for Business automation and business intelligence. Power Platforms are a set of low-code tools for building apps, business workflows, and AI bots and made data analytics an easier process. The Power Platform has four major components which are playing important role in the current scenario and are mentioned below:
  • Power Automate: Power Automate is a major component in automating the business process. It is a no-code software that is used to design business workflow. Formerly Known as Microsoft Flow, enables process automation and design workflow to reduce manual tasks and eliminate the error that could arise by humans while performing repetitive tasks. This can vary from simple automation to very advanced scenarios like creating branches or having different trigger responses and trigger actions.
  • Power Apps: Power Apps is a solution to build apps quickly that are used for small requirements of businesses. The idea is to build an application that does not take months and a lot of development work to do. This is a platform that provides the ability for developers to build no-code applications as well as with very low code. It can build intelligent types of applications that include the logic of your business. You can build model-driven or canvas apps that support multiple sources and connect with multiple platforms. Can be used on different devices whether it is your Android Phone or iOS operating system.
  • Power BI: Microsoft Power BI is a data visualization and Business intelligence tool that allows you to see interactive real-time dashboards and gives insights in a single pane. It collects data from different sources and combines it into a single software called Power BI Desktop and derives analytics from data by building multiple visuals and charts. Over the past few years, the demand for Power BI and Power BI engineers has increased a lot because every business wants to get insight from their data and wants to make data-driven decisions to increase their growth, revenue, and returns.
  • Power Virtual Agents: AI bots and chatbots are quite helpful in communication in business processes. These bots handle customers’ queries and their questions and provide the required solution immediately hence Power Virtual agents are helpful in creating intelligent virtual bots that can communicate and do a lot of the work that you might need to do manually or hire a person to do. From providing simple answers to questions to resolving issues requiring complex conversations to engaging with customers and employees in multiple languages, power virtual agents can achieve all these tasks.

Benefits of Business Automation:

·        Build Automated tools and deploy digital workers to communicate with humans.

·        Designing workflows, Decision Management, and Data-driven solutions to meet business needs.

·        Providing deep analysis, helping users uncover hidden patterns in data.

·        High-level productivity can be achieved.

·        Significant cost savings by utilizing core resources in the most optimal way.

·        Increasing Value-added work.


·        Automating Approval requests process.

·        Designing Chat Bots for Q&A.

·        Streamlining Manufacturing production lines and supply chains.

·        Avoiding human error in repetitive processes.

·        Auditing in the banking sector.

Conclusion: As business owners and entrepreneurs everyone is seeking a way to streamline processes, increase efficiency, and get higher returns. Automation allows you to reduce the risk of human errors which leads to cost-effective solutions and delivering better products or services. Higher Productivity leads to higher profits.

Hemant Sahu

Hemant Sahu, a dedicated professional at Hexaview Technologies, adeptly navigates tools like Power BI, Tableau, and SQL Server. Fueled by optimism and a robust work ethic, his passion lies in the dynamic realm of data and data science.