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General Published on: Fri Feb 10 2023

CoviBot-Fight Against COVID-19 Pandemic

People are turning to their governments, health professionals, and other organizations with a lot of queries about their health and wellness, during the time of the COVID-19 pandemic which has spread around the world. The unexpected, unparalleled demand is pressing customer support service beyond their limits. and many organizations are struggling to respond efficiently and effectively to the people.

As people are facing a tough time during the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic in India, social media platforms are flooded with requests and appeals for help and medical aids devastated family members and friends are pleading for everything from medical services to hospital beds, medicines, doorstep Covid-19 checks, and even food for the infected in quarantine. 

However, it has also brought out the best of humanity, as many others have begun to post links and leads to help people locate medicines, food, treatments, and updates in these challenging circumstances. The enormous increase in demand has put huge pressure on healthcare infrastructures, services, and resources all over the world

The urgent appeals, looking for a quick response, provide a glimpse into the unfolding crisis plaguing a nation of 1.3 billion people and made us realize that there is an urgent need for a centralized system that can provide a quick response with real-time solutions. 

At Hexaview, we always thrive on social impact through our CSR activities and benefit the community by in large. We believe that the more we give back to the community, the more it helps us to grow. Therefore, we are proud to share that our team of Hexaview technologies has successfully designed a rule-based chatbot named – CoviBot.

How CoviBot works?

CoviBot works as a chatbot, where a user can put the query and get real-time information in no time. It fetches the resources from the government portals and social media platforms based on the user location entered. It searches through the verified and relevant information present on the social media platforms shared by the people and on the government COVID -19 help portals. 

It has pre-defined four categories i.e., 

1.Testing centers 

2. Medical Supply 

3. Vaccination centers 

4. Ambulance. 

Where users can select one of the categories according to their needs and get help. As of now, we have Twitter and government COVID-19 help portals as a database and will add more social media platforms very soon, so CoviBot will start searching the information for help relevant to the query on the government portals and Twitter where people share the leads related to the resources like hospital beds, oxygen cylinders, medicines, Vaccine centers, etc. CoviBot has an algorithm and filters by which it can verify any lead and only after checking its authenticity it shares the information with the user and all of this is done in a fraction of seconds. 

Impact of CoviBot:

In this dire need of help during the COVID-19 pandemic, CoviBot can impact society in an extremely positive way. It has a large database of real-time leads, sources, and information related to the hospital beds, vaccine centers, Ambulances, and oxygen cylinders availabilities which are capable enough to conquer the COVID-19 virus. Users just have to go to the portal and put their queries and get the much-needed help.

Benefits of CoviBot are:

1. Real-Time: It provides real-time information to its users.

2. Verified Information: Its algorithm is designed to verify and authenticate the information.

3. User friendly: Its user interface is simple and easy to use.

4. Fast: It fetches the information in a fraction of seconds.

Want to know more about CoviBot? Visit https://covibot.hexaviewdemo.com/ and get all the information related to the hospital beds, vaccine centers, Ambulances, and oxygen cylinder availabilities in a fraction of seconds.