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General Published on: Fri Feb 10 2023

Exploring the benefits of Single Sign-on

If you are a business owner engaged in developing a web application, you will need to pay special attention to Single Sign-On. It can offer multiple benefits to your app by delivering a better user experience. While keeping this in mind, let’s look at some of the key benefits that Single Sign-On can offer.

–     You can improve user experience 

The most obvious benefit of Single Sign-On is its ability to enhance user experience. There is no need to go through any multiple login URLs. On the other hand, it is possible to overcome the challenge of resetting passwords multiple times. Therefore, the users will be able to save a considerable amount of time for each login. According to recent studies, it has been identified that an average user can save around 5 seconds to 15 seconds per login. This is why you should focus on SSO – SAML Reactive programming in Java

–    You can enhance security 

Another great reason to use SSO is its ability to enhance overall security. Unfortunately, some people believe that Single Sign-on can reduce security. You cannot believe this because it is a proven method available to enhance security. For example, imagine what would happen if the master password is compromised. Then all the other related accounts will be exposed. This is where SSO can come into play. It ensures that the users will need to keep one password in mind to access multiple applications. This will help them create a stronger password and stick to it in the long run.

–    You can overcome password fatigue

Password fatigue is not something that you should ignore. All the security and cybercrime professionals ask you to create unique and strong passwords for every application you use. Due to the same reason, you will come across the need to keep dozens of passwords in mind. This would eventually lead you to password fatigue. To overcome password fatigue, you will need to look at a single sign-on. SSO – SAML Reactive programming in Java can ensure that the users just need to create one strong password and stick to it. 

–    It can streamline the overall user experience

As you can see, Single Sign-On can streamline the overall user experience that your users can get. There is no need for the users to go through repeatable logins. The customers will be provided the opportunity to continue enjoying the modern digital experience. This would eventually benefit the enterprises. On the other hand, it can also boost customer loyalty. You will also be able to experience better conversion rates at the end of the day.

Keep these benefits in mind and implement Single-Sign on for all applications you are working on. 

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