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General Published on: Fri Feb 10 2023

Improve your Productivity with Salesforce – 4 Proven Ways

With the growing adoption of cloud technologies, Salesforce presents as the ideal customer relationship management (CRM) platform that unites the sales, marketing, IT, and all teams in a corporation. Customer experience is very valuable for businesses in this competitive era, and having hold of advanced technologies, such as CRM, greatly makes an impact. Businesses are also gradually realizing its importance, and it is very well seen with the trigger in the demand of Salesforce custom application development services. As Salesforce is a valuable asset for businesses, this blog helps to clarify further with 4 key ways that narrate how Salesforce helps businesses to improve their productivity.

  1. Better Sales Communication and Selling Time

Demanding on the market situation, it sometimes becomes challenging for the sales team to sell timely. But the concern can very well be addressed with CRM. Salesforce is meant to make the sales team have a better communication environment. The feasibility of CRM via mobile from anywhere and anytime is a great resource for them.

Mobile data accessibility decreases downtime and helps sales representatives to have a better relationship with potential clients. In addition, the access of all the information in a central way helps to reduce the chances of missing crucial updates. Besides that, setting a CRM platform using services from a Salesforce application development company further helps the sales team to streamline their processes and avoid repetitive tasks.

  1. In-Depth Sales Intelligence

This is the data-driven era where business decisions are associated with thorough data analysis. With the Salesforce CRM platform, you get top-notch sales intelligence. The practice of Artificial Intelligence (AI) helps sales representatives have critical insights about sales data, customer preferences, etc. AI-driven CRM facilitates in-depth data point analysis to detect patterns and project insights. Salesforce makes sales representatives have more solid customer relationships in this digital era with the automated, streamlined, and analytical sales infrastructure.

  1. Faster Pipeline Building

Often the sales team struggles with different pipeline challenges, such as lack of data about potential clients, poor forecast of the future pipeline, lack of directing leads to the corresponding sales representative, and similar others. With Salesforce, you are in better shape to study and work with data that is always available for insights. In addition, CRM helps to work on ways to increase the traffic of new customers.

  1. Mobile Accessibility

The sales team in the present business world is not sitting at the workplace 8 hours, instead, they are on a continuous move. Therefore, the Salesforce mobile accessibility gives the power, freedom, and convenience for sales representatives to work the way they want. While setting up Salesforce custom application development further makes you in a position to customize your business needs and improve overall productivity.

Wrapping Up

Salesforce presents as a needed and advanced way to improve sales performance and become more productive. Many businesses are opting for a Salesforce development company to develop customized CRM portals and automate their processes. In a nutshell, if you want to gain a competitive edge and enhance your sales capabilities, then Salesforce presents as a true companion. Looking forward to Salesforce custom development service? Consult Hexaview. We are a Salesforce Registered Consulting Partner that is always looking forward to solving your complex challenges.