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General Published on: Fri Feb 10 2023

Quarkus vs. Spring Boot Comparison – What to expect?

When you look at the advanced programming frameworks popular among developers, you will notice that Quarkus and Spring Boot hold prominent places. We also see how developers face challenges when trying to make a selection out of these two to develop advanced software. That’s why we thought of creating a Quarkus vs. Spring Boot comparison.

What is Quarkus?

As the first thing, let’s explore what Quarkus is all about. Quarkus is a Java framework that can help developers take the maximum out of the programming language. It is developer-friendly and a fast framework. You can also consider it like a supersonic sub-atomic version of Java. That’s because it is an effective platform that you can use for containerized, serverless, and cloud environments.

One of the most impressive things you will notice in Quarkus is that it offers a start-up time of milliseconds. Moreover, it will not consume a lot of memory. Therefore, Quarkus has all the great qualities to work along with microservices. On the other hand, Quarkus offers CDI based on a dependency injection basis. This will help you to infuse dependencies within the client classes.

What is Spring Boot?

In the next part of our Quarkus vs. Spring Boot comparison, let’s figure out what Spring Boot is all about. Spring Boot is also a framework based on Java, which focuses on simplifying the web applications developed with Java. It would help to build, run, and easily configure Java web applications. On the other hand, this is a quite common framework that people use when developing enterprise-level applications such as frameworks. It is possible to experience numerous production-ready integrations when going ahead with Spring Boot. In the long run, it has the potential to boost the productivity of developers.

It is possible to use Spring Boot and reduce the time to develop Java applications. Therefore, developers who work with Spring Boot will be able to get their products to the market within a shorter time period.

What are the benefits of each?

Quarkus is more documented when compared to Spring Boot. Therefore, beginners will find it an easy task to learn Quarkus. You will also be able to experience the benefits that come along with faster booting times. It can provide faster hot reloads to you as well. Another great thing about Quarkus is that it is developed on JAX-RS, one of the new Java specifications.

On the other hand, Spring Boot offers faster and more convenient deployments. You can also receive outstanding community support from it. There is a possibility for you to benefit from excellent documentation as well. There are no XML configurations in Spring Boot. When you continue to use Spring Boot, you will be able to reduce the overall expenses.

While keeping these differences in mind, you can pick the best framework to proceed with your developments.

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