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General Published on: Mon May 08 2023

Salesforce Solutions for Travel Industry


The travel industry is one of the key drivers of the global economy. Many reservations and booking apps and major portal reviews show the utilization of various technologies and software decades ago. It became somewhat important for travel agencies to implement end-to-end travel technology solutions that would improve customer service and experience, though, as the complexity of travel packages rose (such as the inclusion of several stoppages and multiple modes of transportation). Platform as a Service (PaaS) Salesforce facilitates this organizational shift.

Salesforce now has 73,500 workers and 150,000 clients worldwide, making it the top CRM platform and the fourth largest employer on the Fortune 100 list. If you look closer at Salesforce Solutions for the Travel Industry, it also contributes to the significant number of users in its bucket.

A travel company should focus on two key areas: business involvement and customer loyalty. And Salesforce CRM encompasses both fields and provides precise insights.

Importance of Salesforce Solutions for the Travel Industry

There are two major areas to be considered for travel companies -

  • Customer engagement by the application of Salesforce for travel agents
  • Business involvement from Salesforce for travel agents and Salesforce for travel agency

Through its unique services and offerings, Salesforce for the travel industry finds special ways to meet the vast number of travelers’ continuously changing demands. This industry has undergone a tremendous transformation due to technological enhancements and the unique framing of Salesforce solutions for the travel industry.

With the help of the applications of Salesforce for travel agents, it provides real-time guidance. Also an uninterrupted and enhanced journey through community cloud storage offerings in Salesforce for travel agencies. The strengths and effective use of Salesforce solutions for the travel industry make it possible to obtain customized Salesforce cloud marketing services.

Along with it, Salesforce for travel agents provides

  • Assist the marketing team- Salesforce solutions for the travel industry provide an enterprise version that provides the services to frame and develops marketing tactics that boost more leads, making the marketing team more profitable.
  • More Efficient Operation-By applying advanced analytics and visual dashboard offerings, Salesforce CRM provides insights into what is happening inside and outside the company or a firm.
  • Effective Integration of third-party App -The vast services and solutions expended are possible because of enabling third-party integration of Apps like Salesforce App 
  • Responsive customer support -Timely addressing the issues of customers is possible through the more effective incorporation of Salesforce CRM for the travel industry.
  • Addressing the issues more efficiently and effectively through thoroughly understanding the requirements of customers
  • More beneficial in saving time through efficient sales and customer support by increasing the fundamental requirements for the customer support and services department.
  • Chatbot integration is a more promising way to nurture leads and manage many more straightforward questions.
  • Integrated campaigns help in building particular, customized messages on a travel guidebook 
  • Display necessity dashboard information along with email marketing statics like providing click-through rates (CTRS) 

Using Salesforce Cloud Solutions, we Connect Businesses and Customers. We want to support your needs in operations, sales, marketing, and customer service through our Salesforce consulting services and solutions for the travel industry. Being one of the leading Salesforce development firms, we have a dynamic team of 200+ certified experts from a range of sectors and domains, and we are skilled at providing end-to-end Salesforce development services to our clients all over the world. Hexaview offers established Salesforce development services expertise, in-depth domain knowledge, and Salesforce know-how owing to its global network of Salesforce specialists. Some of the most complicated and inventive projects have been completed by our teams.

 Applications of Salesforce Solutions for the Travel Industry

A variety of tools and services from Salesforce enable travel firms to provide clients with a seamless experience. Here are a couple of them in more detail:

  • Salesforce CRM-Data analytics makes it possible to understand exactly what your customers want. It improves planning and designing by merging different groups from other channels to acquire real-time information from your existing business system. Comprehensive websites, apps, and customer care services can be offered to keep customers loyal.
  • Using cross-channel web marketing helps you provide customers with tailored offerings.
  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud gives your travel agency the necessary resources for optimum outcomes.By giving each client a uniform view, it creates efficient customer journeys. Every customer interaction is personalized, giving you rich context for it. It also evaluates the success of the campaign for you.
  • Service Cloud by Salesforce makes all your customer service channels, such as phone, email, chats, etc., accessible.
  • Salesforce for travel agents is given information and productivity tools to solve problems quickly. Among the services include instant chat assistance and a self-service site.
  •  With the help of Salesforce AppExchange, you may use the pre-built apps available in the app store to improve Salesforce's functionality further.

Key Features Serving from Salesforce Solutions for Travel Industry

  • Use an online booking system to streamline any business. Inventory database system facilitation.
  • Track Customer’s requirements.
  • Able to deliver personalized messages.
  • Individualise graphical reports.
  • A system with several users and access controls.
  • Using process-driven software to standardize business processes.
  • Offering everything on a single platform.
  • Integrates with any platform from a third party (if required).
  • The provision is geared toward the search.
  • Need minimal help and training.

Unique Services Offered to Travel Industry

  • Outsourcing for offshore software development and maintenance
  • Reservation systems for dynamic packaging Connection with GDS (Amadeus, Pegasus, Sabre, Galileo)
  • System Integration for Payments
  • Management of Inventory and Procurement
  • Management of Client Relationships (CRM)
  • System Integration for Business (Back office, Reporting, Data Warehouse, Business Intelligence)
  • Websites, Web portals, agent booking portals, and other Web-based solutions that can be combined with internal agent tools and solutions comprise the Internet booking system and integration.
  • Self-serving technologies (kiosks, touch screens, mobile devices, and the web)
  • Analytics and marketing approach
  • Solutions for online marketing (Search Marketing, Social Media, Email marketing)
  • Solutions for digital signage


With the help of cutting-edge technology that produces novel experiences, the travel and hospitality sectors have undergone an unprecedented level of change. As travel and hospitality businesses use these new technologies, they can stay ahead of their rivals. 

 Are you in the hospitality and travel industry and struggling to keep up with the changing needs of travelers? Look no further than Hexaview Technologies, Inc! Our resourceful team is here to provide effective Salesforce solutions tailored to your specific needs. Whether you're considering making the switch to Salesforce CRM or Migration to salesforce such as Microsoft Dynamics to Salesforce Migration or looking for expert advice on your current company strategy, we've got you covered. Reach out to us today and let us help you take your business to the next level!

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