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General Published on: Fri Feb 10 2023

Software Development Before and After Implementing Data Science

What is Data Science?

Data science is a multidisciplinary approach to deriving meaningful insights from today’s businesses’ big and ever-increasing amounts of data. Preparing data for analysis and processing, doing extensive data analysis, and presenting the results to uncover trends and business to draw smart conclusions are all part of data science.

How does Data Science work?

To extract value from data, data science incorporates several disciplines such as scientific methods, statistics, data analysis, and artificial intelligence (AI). Data scientists use a range of abilities to analyze data acquired from the web, phones, consumers, sensors, and other sources to obtain actionable insights.

Benefits of Data Science in Software Development from Phase 1

The time of generic services and simpler technologies are long gone and today we are living in a highly machine-driven world. So, designing and starting development of any software product with Data Science perceptive from phase 1 or software requirement specification (SRS) phase is the way to keep the product future-ready.

Data science has a wide range of applications, encompassing several industries like healthcare, gaming, fraud and risk detecting, targeted advertising, speech and image recognition, etc. Adding data science to various products will enhance its usability.

Also, Testing is a prominent part of any software development or IT implementation project with tools and solutions built specifically for the activity. There are various testing techniques available, such as User Acceptance Testing, in which the end-user or client performs the testing so as to verify that the software, website, or system has the necessary quality before it is put into production or launched.

Software Development with Data Science Vision Vs without Data Science vision