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General Published on: Fri Feb 10 2023

What Features Should be Available in an Automated Trading Platform?

Are you planning to get a new automated trading platform or build your own one? Then you need to have a strong understanding of the features available in it. That’s because the availability of features determines useful work that you can get done out of the trading platform. We analyzed existing capital market software products and came up with a list of features that should be available on your Platform. You may go through this list and figure out the most appropriate features that should be available.

A Rich Dashboard

Your capital markets software should come along with a rich dashboard. This dashboard should be getting updated constantly. On the other hand, it should provide traders with access to all useful charts and real-time pricing information for exchange rates. It should also provide more simply complex information, such as data belonging to multiple time zones. This would help anyone to get the maximum returns out of Software.

Authentication Features

All capital market software solutions should come along with excellent authentication features. It provides a reliable and convenient verification process. It would be possible to access capital markets software from multiple accounts, including access from open-source trading platforms. It is also important for the trading platform to offer access via the phone number, email, or any other similar method.

Admin and CRM User Functionality

There is a must for an admin panel to be present in the capital market software products. That’s because people with different user privileges will be using the Software. It is important to cater to the needs of all of them with the automated trading platform. On the other hand, it should have the possibility to attend to customer requests quickly with just a single click. This is where the CRM functionality would come into play. No matter what, it should offer the required information to the users through the shortest possible path.

Filtering and Searching Options

Time is a valuable asset for traders. Therefore, you need to make sure that the automated trading platform you get comes with improved filtering and searching options. Then the traders will be able to easily search for indexes, currencies, orders, search rates, and commodities. They will also be able to filter and get hold of useful information without a challenge. This can be beneficial for traders at the end of the day.

Push Notifications

Last but not least, you need to ensure that the automated trading platform comes with push notifications. These push notifications should be delivered to the traders throughout 24 hours of the day. Then they will be able to remain up to date about the latest updates. It should also be possible to customize the delivery of push notifications so that it will not be a hassle for any of the traders.

Keep these in mind and go ahead with the best-automated trading platform.

Still, Confused about the Features of the Trading Platform? Reach out to us at hello@hexaviewtech.com.

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