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case studies

GeneralPublished on: Fri Feb 10 2023

A financial social networking platform for investors and advisors to interact over multiple devices including iPad

Business Scenario

A U.S. based client had an idea to facilitate wealth managers for communicating with investors or prospective investors. The prospective product was having suitable functions to perform peer group analysis, share profile analysis, compare portfolio & build connections. The product was expected to work on multiple devices including the iPad. The low-level requirements were not brainstormed, and the IT partner was expected to handhold in the process of finalizing the low-level requirements. The key stakeholders in this project were not only from the customer’s organization but the clients’ customers too.

Technical Scenario

The product is expected to be built in scalable and device-independent technologies. The technology chosen includes Ruby on Rails, HTML 5, CSS3, and JS Mobile Framework.

Hexaview Solution

A unique web portal was developed for wealth advisors and investors. In order to ensure the scalability and high load expectations, a solution based upon Ruby on Rail was suggested. A comprehensive brainstorming and alternative analysis are done in direct collaboration with the CEO, CTO, and Head of Marketing from the client organization. The Agile methodology was used to start from a simple client’s idea and progressed stepwise all the way from ‘how the site would look’ to ‘how it would work’. As per the client’s concern about highly usable UI, Hexaview could exceed the expectation in designing and developing highly usable UI which is not only easy to use but also engaging investors.

Impact of the Implementation

A product built completely from ground zero:

·        Applications Integrated – Integration with open-source UI technologies to give a contemporary UI look and feel.

·        Deliverables – A web-based platform optimized for iPad with full cloud deployment.

·        Standout Feature – An intelligent Quantitative + Behavioural risk profiling tool.

Key Success Factors

·        An energetic development team with a high business acumen that could understand the client’s challenges and requirements. 

·        The coherence of the Hexaview team with a client team could be achieved by 100% transparency and stakeholder engagement from the client’s side.