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case studies

GeneralPublished on: Fri Feb 10 2023

Developed a system to keep live track of major metrics & aid financial advisors in strategic decision making

Business Scenarios

As the wealth management business is transforming at an unmatchable pace, advisors lack appropriate tools that can aid them in making their functioning smooth. To overcome obstructions like calculations of various factors, poor management of portfolios, and mishandling of data, Hexaview came out with Smart Indicators.

Client’s Challenges

·        Advisors were facing issues to manage unstructured data

·        The study of insights was arduous, and advisors weren’t able to attain the most from their sources

·        A vital amount of time was consumed in calculations and analysis

·        With the growing set of information, accessibility to desired content was getting complicated and time taking process

Hexaview’s Solution

We took all the considerations in the loop & came up with our standout solution, “Smart Indicator.” Our team used Big Data for formulating an organized platform to eradicate the scope for jumbling of data and critical content. We priorly investigated UI and UX’s aspect to enhance our client’s experience and elevate the understandability of their information.

We used Machine Learning tools like Neo4j Graph Database to deliver lightning-fast read and write performance that our clients need while still protecting their data integrity. Also, the Neo4j Graph Database helped in managing all evaluated indicators to make searching of results faster.

Impact of the implementation

·        Advisors were able to attain a more in-depth analysis of their data, which empowered them in decision making

·        Concerning cost, a positive deficit was attained by our clients

·        Reports started becoming more precise & reduced human efforts as well

Key Success Factors

·        Provided full support in deployment & training to get quickly adapt with Smart Indicators

·        Our effective communication helped us in understanding the advisor’s requirements

·        We were able to add better graphics and visuals to enhance the understandability of advisors concerning their data