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case studies

GeneralPublished on: Fri Feb 10 2023

Accounting Firm Increases Business Efficiency Through Salesforce Outlook Integration

About Our Client

One of the largest accounting, tax, and business advisory firms in the U.S., with more than 2,000 employees and over 200 partners across the country. Their service lines include a full range of accounting, audit, and tax solutions, as well as specialized consulting and advisory services.

Business Challenges/ Pain Points

In the absence of Salesforce Outlook Integration, the client had to toggle between the email and Salesforce, all in search of customer information and opportunity. They wanted to:

·        Eliminate the time they spend on redundant data entry into two applications.

·        Access important Outlook email messages and relevant Salesforce records in one place.

Hexaview’s Solution

·        Reviewed the system requirements and shortlisted the features required by the client want as well as access to different components.

·        Using a combination of in-built features and customization, we exceeded the customer expectation of creating a sync between Outlook and Salesforce in an automated manner.

Impacts on Business

·        Email communication with customers or prospective clients became easier for Sales teams.

·        Reduced the chances of errors in data entry through sync automation between Salesforce and Outlook.

·        Increased business efficiency by up to 50% by saving employees’ precious time.