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case studies

GeneralPublished on: Fri Feb 10 2023

AI- Enabled Chatbot for Human Resource Operation

Business Scenario

A well-established lending firm with a client base across the globe was facing various issues like low inter department engagement and a lack of suitable data extraction processes.

Client’s Challenges

·        The cumbersome process of extracting required information via the organization’s brochure.

·        Low engagement between Human Resource and other departments.

Hexaview’s Solution

  1. ·        Established a pre-trained, Omni capable chatbot which possessed Autonomous Reasoning capabilities.
  2. ·        Automated the tedious process of going through numerous pages of policies & related documents.
  3. ·        Devoted extra focus to the UI & UX parameters to uplift the engagement capabilities of the chatbot.

Tools & Technologies Used

·        Languages: Python & React.JS

·        Algorithms: Neural Networks, BERT

·        Libraries: Spell-checker, Google vocab, Gensim library – for word2vec model, etc., NLTK library – for TF – IDF and text pre-processing, Flask, sklearn, Joblib, pathlib, OS, pickel, JSON

·        Additonal Approach: Word2Vector + TF_IDF + Global Corpus

Impact of the implementation team

·        A quicker turnaround for the queries raised.

·        The query resolution process got boosted by 75%.

·        HR department attained a rise of 47% in employee engagement

Key Success Factors

Empowering our solutions with AI & ML helped us in creating more sustainable products for our clients.