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case studies

GeneralPublished on: Fri Feb 10 2023

An online marketplace for revolutionizing investment experience

About Our Client

A FinTech holding company that builds solutions to shape the future of the investor experience. They offer a variety of financial solutions by combining investment intelligence, data science, and technology, enabling clients to update their businesses through digitization.


Client’s Challenges

·        With the vision to innovate the investment experience for users, the client was looking for an expert resource with extensive knowledge of data science technologies to support their team.

·        They wanted to upgrade their existing platform to a comprehensive marketplace where users can execute research, compare, discover the best option, and invest in mutual funds, ETFs, stocks, etc. seamlessly.

Hexaview’s Solution

·        Augmented the client’s development group with our highly qualified data science engineer.

·        To meet the client’s requirements, our engineer integrated their platform with multiple different trading applications and developed various APIs to make the application work across different devices.

·        Created a widget application containing multiple customization options with new features.

·        Providing constant improvement to the platform.

Impacts on Business

·        In collaboration with our team, the client released a comprehensive platform to provide the most revolutionizing investment experience to users.

·        The user can execute research, compare, discover the best option, and invest in products like mutual funds, ETFs, stocks, etc. through a single platform uninterruptedly.