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case studies

GeneralPublished on: Fri Feb 10 2023

Developed an online platform for revolutionizing trading and investment management experience

About Our Client

A FinTech holding company that builds solutions to shape the future of the investor experience. They offer a variety of financial solutions by combining investment intelligence, data science, and technology, enabling clients to update their businesses through digitization.

Business Scenario

With the vision to redefine the relationship between asset managers and their back-office and deliver both value and positive impact, the client wanted to develop a web-based platform for revolutionizing the trading and investment management experience.

·        They wanted to develop software that offers comprehensive coverage of the entire investment process under a single platform and support users managing their whole financial life in one place.

·        They wanted to help investors and asset managers by providing an objective evaluation of products, clearly representing the risk associated with buying a product, providing a seamless user experience, providing the latest updates & information related to the portfolio.

·        They were looking for backend and database engineers with extensive knowledge of cutting-edge technologies to support their team.

Hexaview’s Solution

Hexaview partnered with the client to provide the following solutions:

·        Asset (funds) Management System – an interface for providing a seamless trading experience and receiving the client’s account data.

·        Admin Dashboard – to manage the investment fund database, users, parameters, health check templates, emails, and trading instructions.

·        User Creation & Roles – to create multiple users in the platform and assign roles to define the functions that a user can access.

·        Custom Risk Profile Calculator – to determine the client’s risk tolerance/ the level of risk the client will accept.

·        Portfolio Performance – to provide statistical data analysis of the investments in the client’s portfolio.

·        Investment Funds Database – to store information about fund markets as well as additional documents and recommendations from advisors.

·        Newsroom –  to share the latest updates & information regarding the investment market.

Technology Stack

·        Back-end: Python, Django

·        Database: MongoDB, PostgreSQL

Impacts on Business

·        Enhanced security and system resilience.

·        Optimized architecture, including database.

·        Access rights for different user groups.

Interactive reports of several investments on a single dashboard.