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case studies

GeneralPublished on: Fri Feb 10 2023

Developed an Online Portal To Manage Assets, Liabilities, Positions & Accounts

Business Scenario

The client is a well-established wealth management firm based in the United States, offering financial planning, asset management, tax management, Investment Advisory, and Portfolio Management services. Their crucial data was scattered in different platforms leading to wastage of time and inaccurate decision making.

Client’s Challenges

·        The client had no single platform to see all the information regarding their positions, accounts, liabilities, shareholders, artwork, etc.

·        They were not able to properly utilize their data to gain insights and required appropriate data visualization.

Hexaview’s Solution

We developed a web portal to have a single platform. Our implementation had the following features and functionalities:

·        At a glance, a tremendous amount of information is conveyed through a user-specific dashboard.

·        Users can further slice and dice the data in all sorts of ways, allowing them to do the analysis themselves.

·        We modified the UI grid version.

·        It also has multi-factor authentication to enrich security.

Impact of the Implementation

·        They can see their daily net worth and compare it with the previous months, saving time and effort.

·        The client feels more secure even with sensitive financial data because of multi-factor authentication implementation.

Key Success Factors

We embedded the security protocols in the application architecture from DAY 1 and provided end-to-end Customer Support.