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case studies

GeneralPublished on: Fri Feb 10 2023

Application for Monitoring Various Health Parameters

Business Scenario

Our client is a US-based HealthTech firm who have been consistent in providing cutting edge services to their customers. They want to have an application that can gather various health parameters of an individual, stores them into a database, and notify the user regarding any uncertainty in their well-being that can cause health issues.

Business Challenges 

·        To detect various health parameters of an individual. 

·        Maintaining real-time data with accuracy. 

·        Provide real-time data management. 

·        Develop an early warning system for any fluctuations in health parameters. 

Hexaview Solution 

We started from scratch and structured our workflow. Our solution was developed keeping Proof of Concept as a general approach. We provided integration with standard wearable devices like Garmin & Mbient to gather data related to the number of steps & intensity of steps. Using a wearable device shut the window for any error that may occur due to the orientation of the device. Utilizing these devices had added many features like access to Barometer, LEDs, Buzzer & Indicators, and Altitude measurement. Bluetooth technology was used to capture the data into a database that was accessible to the users. 

Impact of the Implementation 

·        We were able to deliver an end-to-end functional IOS mobile-based application within the stipulated timelines. 

·        We were able to go beyond the client’s expectations and we were highly flexible in incorporating last-minute changes. 

·        Customized features were added to deliver the most desirable solution.

Key Success Factors

·        Understanding real-time application space has helped in building a robust application. 

·        The coherence of Hexaview team with a client team could be achieved by 100% transparency and stakeholder engagement from the client’s side.

·        Prior experience in Bluetooth technology and implementation paved the way for us to develop our solution.