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case studies

GeneralPublished on: Fri Feb 10 2023

Automating IoT Solutions Through a Cloud – Independent IoT platform

Business Scenario

Large enterprise clients, having millions of devices, wanted an IoT platform that would be cloud service provider agnostic as well as scalable. The broad business requirements were as follows:

·        To create a Cloud Independent Platform to support multiple clients

·        To build a solution to support billions of devices data with Data Backup & Retention Policies

·        To automate Device Authentication/Renewal Support

Technical Scenario

We developed a solution over spring boot micro-services based platform, using a spring cloud set of technologies. The project needed two teams. One for the base of the Product development and the other for the APIs & UI development.

Back-end Technologies

1) IOT Technologies (IoT enabled devices interaction Point)

2) Analytics Engine – Apache Sparks, Apache Hadoop System

3) Device Provisioning Service – Device authentication token/renewal

4) Advance Scheduling/Timer for different actions

5) Notification Service – Cross-Platform Push Notification implementation

6) User Management, Entitlement – Action/Data/View

7) Cache Service – Redis Cache, Activity Audit Log

8) Spring Cloud Stack – Zuul Server, Eureka Server, Sleuth & Zipkin, Feign Client –  

9) Service to Service calls, Ribbon – Load Balancing, Circuit Breakers –Hystrix

10) Database – Mongo DB Cluster

Front-end Technologies

1) Branding Service – Supports multiple clients’ own look & feel the support

2) AngularJS, LESS, High Stock Charts, HTML, JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap, Grunt

3) Task Runner, Bower – Package Manager

4) Fully responsive UI development

Solutions/ Implementation

Flushing out requirement ambiguities | Agile methodology | Sync with client’s existing IT/Infra team.


·        A requirement of a detailed document after discussion with the business stakeholders

·        Complete design, development & delivery of the features using Open Source Technologies, Sparks, Hadoop System, spring cloud stacks – Zuul, Eureka, Ribbon, Hystrix, Sleuth/Zipkin, Redis, Spring REST, Spring Mongo Templates, etc.  

·        REST APIs for controlling devices remotely when devices are working in cloud mode.     

·        REST APIs can be consumed either by Mobile App or Tablet/iPad or Web Apps, etc.

Impact of Implementation

Enterprise-level production platform developed on a microservices-based architecture 

·        Fully automated IoT Solutions

·        Amazon Alexa / Google Smart Home integration supported Platform

·        Multi-tenant supported

·        Seamless information flow among applications

·        User Action Auditing

·        Data Backup in the DR region

·        Sensitive information is encrypted

·        The database is secured & in a private network

·        Secured communication HTTS or MQTT over TLS 1.2

·        Cloud independent platform. IoT Platform can be hosted either in Azure or AWS etc.

Key Success Factors

·        Deployment of engineers with prior knowledge about the domains

·        A comprehensive evaluation of business as well as technical requirements

·        Tracking the milestones with constant inputs from the client