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case studies

GeneralPublished on: Fri Feb 10 2023

Helped One of the Biggest Retailer in Setting up Contact Center CRM

About Our Client

A FinTech holding company that builds solutions to shape the future of the investor experience. They offer a variety of financial solutions by combining investment intelligence, data science, and technology, enabling clients to update their businesses through digitization.


Case Overview

Founded in 2015, the risk tolerance platform helps advisors understand how much risk their clients can comfortably take based on their life situations through human capital factors and machine learning.

In March 2021, the platform got acquired by a FinTech holding company to accelerate the launch of its own risk and financial planning solutions. After the acquisition, when new designers joined the team, they realized the platform’s user interface needed dramatic improvements

Hexaview’s Solution

Hexaview provided managed services support for the client. To guarantee a faultless customer experience, Hexaview’s specialised managed services team, remotely simplified and optimised crucial contact centre operations spanning apps, infrastructure, and networks. The support activities include moves, adds, modifies, and delete settings, including users, roles, queues, places, workspaces, wrap-up codes, ACD skills, pools, phones, DID and extension numbers and phone templates.  

Hexaview also responded to support requests made by the client’s IT helpdesk team via the support portal, which also works with the business team to keep an eye on internal systems, internet connectivity, and telephonic service. 

It also assisted the client’s internal team to fix issues related to Salesforce. Thus, A real-time, find and fix approach was used for the issues prevailing at different stages of the customer journey.  

Key Results

We ensured the Security and Stability of the infrastructure. Moreover, extended support for all the technical difficulties was provided to the client.  

Key Benefits:

·        Ensures authenticity and availability of contact center solution  

·        Streamlined Business Operations  

·        Lower operational costs  

·        Provided overall Infrastructural Stability and Security