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case studies

GeneralPublished on: Fri Feb 10 2023

Customizing Advisor Desktop platform created by a leader in US wealth management & investment services provider

Business Scenario

Our client, a multi-billion-dollar US Bank, was using the Advisor desktop for more than two years. They needed further customization to bring more advisors to the same platform, with the motive of increasing advisors & portfolio managers’ efficiency and productivity.

Technical Scenario

It was built over SOA- based platform, using the JAVA/J2EE set of technologies. The project needed a team that has worked earlier on product development and understand the wealth management domain & client’s environment. The challenge was to understand different existing applications (which were behaving heterogeneously) and provide a solution that meets the client’s demands keeping in mind the pros & cons of various applications working in an integrated fashion.

Client’s Requirements

·        To create new workflows/proposals to capture more comprehensive information about client & households.

·        To build more analytics on the same platform for better advisor understanding

·        To create new PDF/PowerPoint outputs in order to share more information with clients keeping US government compliance requirements in mind


Hexaview’s Solution

Over a decade our enterprise solution is used by more than 5000 advisors.

Hexaview successfully performed following activities:

·        Built the solution on Oracle Database for enhanced data management

·        Discussed the client business requirements in detail to eliminate any ambiguities

·        Followed an agile methodology of implementation, showcasing the work done to business stakeholders at regular intervals

·        Worked in tandem with bank’s existing IT team &infrastructure to provide the desired solution

Impact of the implementation team

·        An enterprise system fully built over the existing solution 

·        Improved reporting

·        Effective Compliance and management reporting

·        Seamless information flow among applications

Key Success Factors

·        Deployment of engineers with prior knowledge about the domains

·        Comprehensive evaluation of business as well as technical requirements

·        Tracking the milestones with constant inputs from the client