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case studies

GeneralPublished on: Fri Feb 10 2023

Customizing Salesforce implementation for on-demand business requirements

Business Scenario

Our client, one of the largest direct lending firms in the US, was spending huge money on their scattered customer data and needed a more robust and cost-efficient solution. Hexaview successfully helped them migrate their scattered data under one roof, but we also provided them with stress-free Salesforce managed services using automated reporting and administration. We help them save a considerable amount of money and time. Thus, creating a longer-term relationship rather than a one time deal.

Client’s Challenges & Requirements

·        The client was experiencing poor coordination between the departments

·        The process was slow due to the scattered data

·        They needed a more secure and standard platform to maintain consistency in generating reports and automating the tasks

·        Non-availability of comprehensive consulting

Hexaview’s Solution

·        We modified the existing Salesforce implementation with our technological expertise and migrated data from different databases to one Salesforce database, keeping while avoiding duplicate and inconsistent data.

·        We provided Salesforce managed services for custom reporting and automating tedious tasks. Our skilled Salesforce consultants recommended effective solutions with regards to the business objectives.

·        Our solution helped our clients with the complexities and challenges they were facing earlier and made the overall workflow smooth.

Impact of the implementation team:

·        The client’s effectiveness and efficiency increased multi-fold, without compromising with the quality.

·        Enabled users to send multiple reports to multiple clients at one go.

·        We added high security to the platform.

·        Access and manage their critical customer information anytime and anywhere with the advantage that the cloud brings.

Key Success Factors:

·        Our agile business analysis and continuous communication with the client helped us meet the client’s expectations.

·        We followed the industry’s best standard data migration practices.

·        We are flexible to incorporate custom changes /functionalities demanded by the client.

·        We never compromised with the security and provided full customer Support.