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case studies

GeneralPublished on: Fri Feb 10 2023

Data Analysis & Mapping for Salesforce

Business Scenario

The client is a software development firm based in the United States. They offer innovative and customized solutions for timekeeping & payroll management, production tracking, and other products to track their efficiency. Their data was inconsistent across different platforms affecting their decision-making capabilities and revenues.

Client’s Challenges

  • Data stored in ‘SaaSOptics’ and ‘Salesforce CRM’ is inconsistent, leading to several crucial concerns.
  • Disordered, inconsistent data hampers analytics, reporting, & decision-making affecting revenue, analysis, and operations data.

Hexaview’s Solution

Hexaview performed the following activities:

  • A thorough analysis of data and identified the differences between the data sets across both platforms.
  • Successfully mapped the order processing, customer association, contract association, “billed to” and “shipped to” addresses, and invoice data.

Impact of the implementation team:

  • Achieved a level of expertise of the sales order to invoice data flows, leading to the identification of Salesforce to SaaSOptics system best practices.
  • The outcome will be consistent data across SaaSOptics and Salesforce platforms, resulting in precise data and reporting.

Key Success Factors

  • An energetic development team with expertise in Salesforce & high business acumen.
  • A comprehensive evaluation of business as well as technical requirements